September 19, 2012
By hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
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I am a dreamer and no one will ever take that away from me.
People may say that you will be nothing but you may say Watch me!

You have come. Good. I can not wait for the story to emerge. I am a storyteller and have been waiting for you to come and hear me speak. My name is Leaf Walker. The story I am about to tell you is one of courage and strength. So sit back, relax, and listen to the story of our ancestor's roots for there holds the key to our tribes success.

Back when the sun and moon had moved around the sun 400 times, there were wild wolves in this land. There are wolves now but not like the Old Ones. The Old Ones could talk to the great spirits. All the wolves lived in one large pack, the Shutila pack. In this pack, every wolf had to be born without deformity. If there was a deformity, the pup would be placed somewhere to die. If the pup somehow survived, it would be allowed into the pack but it would never be allowed to find a mate.

The pack had been outcasting deformities for almost 6 seasons when the great spirits told them that if they did not destroy the shadow of murder in their pack, the shadow of doom would fall over their path. The leader of the pack Creek Walker just laughed. " No destruction will fall upon us for we are the strongest and most perfected pack of all. " The great spirit told them that if the cloud of murder was not taken from the pack, they would become destroyed by the one that they destroyed.

The wolves did not change their ways for another 2 seasons. One day, a pup with what looked like a blind eye was born to one of the females of the pack. This female was one of the lowest in the pack. The leader of the pack took this pup to a path where bears traveled frequently knowing that if a bear came across the pup, it would kill it surely. He left the pup saying, " Destroyed by the one you destroy. " he scoffed. He then left. There was a she wolf who had just had her pups in a birthing den. She had lost all of her pups. stillborns. She was walking across the bear path not caring whether there was a bear or not. She was cursing the Great Spirit, morning her lost pups.

She heard a cry from a pup. when she looked up, she saw in the pathway a pup. It was silver like the stars in the great sky. It had bright blue eyes. It is a castaway, she thought,there is nothing I can do. She felt the urge to walk up to it so she did. She looked into it's eyes. One blue eye was lighter than the other. That had to be the reason it was a castaway. She looked into those eyes and she saw strength. She knew she couldn't let this pup die. But it was a crime to help a castaway. It is punishable by death. At Least if I die, she though, I will be with my lost pups. She then picked up the pup and carried it to a new den masked by the scent of bear scat and fox. This would make a good den or at least until winter and it was only spring. It would be long enough to teach her the basics of being a wolf.

3 seasons after Folana was found, she decided it was time to return to the pack she was cast out from. Now, 3 seasons old, her face had colored. There was a spiral of silver and yellow that covered her entire muzzle. She looked like a beautiful but different wolf. Her mother begged her not to go but Folana refused. " I have to go back to my pack and find a mate. They have no reason to keep me from a mate for I am not blind. They judged my wrongly. " After, Folana and her mother returned to pack. At the center of the territory they were confronted by the leader now with gray in his muzzle. " You were a castaway Folanna. You will find no mate. " " I was judged wrongly. I am not blind and that was my deformity. I am not blind so I deserve a mate. " The leader attacked her and held her against the ground. " No male would ever think about taking you for his mate. You are not good enough to be part of our pack. " Folana wrenched herself out from underneath the leader and faced him. " I will fight for my right for a mate. " The leader laughed at her. " Only males fight for a mate. " " I am not an ordinary wolf. I came from a small wolf in the pack yes but I can be as great as I wish if the Great Spirits wish me to. " " Don't speak to me of the Great Spirits. I was there when the prophesied good fortune over our pack. " A young male wolf then stepped out from the crowd of wolves around the leader and Folana. " Father. I have waited for a mate for the past 4 seasons. I have not found a mate that has suited me. I believe I have found that mate now. " The male wolf was black like his father but his head was silver and his eyes green. The leader sneered at his son. " I forbid it. " " You cant forbid the love between mates father. The Great Spirit said so. " The male then stood beside Folana and licked her muzzle. He then looked at his father as fear stabbed through his heart knowing that at any second, his father could command he be killed. " I Two Leaves Fly, " the male said. " take Folana to be my mate. " Two Leaves' father charged at him. Folana protected her mate. She did not kill him but injured him greatly. The male came over.
" Step down father. " The leader looked at Folana as he died.
" Destroyed by what you destroy " he said. He then passed onto the spirit forest.

From that day forward, no more pups were killed. The Great Spirits blessed the pack. The courage that Folana's mother had, Folana herself had, and Two Leaves Falling had all showed why courage is a good thing. This shows don't be afraid to stand up for yourself or someone you know.

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