Tragedy Strikes

September 19, 2012
By AurrieT SILVER, Tifton, Georgia
AurrieT SILVER, Tifton, Georgia
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How would you react if you were in a situation that was tragic? Imagine if you were a child, around the age of six, and you had to deal with a tragedy that affected your life and put you on the verge of death. How would you handle it? Many people don’t realize it, but tragic things are happening to many people every day. It ranges from babies, to toddlers, teens, and adults. Sometimes it happens ‘out of the blue’ and you’d never expect it to happen to you. That’s what happened to five year old Jaqon Avery.

Jaqon Avery was a six year old boy who lived in a village with his mom and dad in Africa. He was a happy and loving boy. There wasn’t one day that went by when you wouldn’t see a big smile on his face. Every morning Jaqon would tell his parents, “Good morning, I love you.” His parents would always respond back, “Good morning and I love you too!” Jaqon and his parents would sit down together for breakfast and share the dreams they’d dreamt during the night. Also, just like any other five year old, Jaqon had to go to school. Luckily, the school was close by the village so Jaqon could walk with a group of friends every morning.

Jaqon waved good-bye to his parents and set off for school. Little did he know, it would be the last time he saw his parents for a while. Jaqon arrived at school with his friends and that’s when his day began. So far, Jaqon’s day was going smooth. He got to spend time with his friends and practice writing his name on paper. Until suddenly, his teacher began talking. Normally he wouldn’t pay much attention to his teacher’s ramblings during the day, but this time it sounded important. “Listen carefully class,” said Jaqon’s teacher in a shaky voice. “The weather seems to be acting up today, so I think we should…” Jaqon’s teacher was cut off by another teacher from a different class. The teacher apologized for interrupting and pulled Jaqon’s teacher aside for a quick talk. Even though Jaqon is six, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get curious, because he does. While all the other kids went back to their activities, Jaqon wondered why his teach sounded kind of scared, so he decided that he should listen in on his teacher’s conversation. In their conversation, he heard bits and pieces of information, but there was one specific piece that made him even more curious about what was going on. He heard the teacher that interrupted say, “So I take it you’ve heard of the news. We have to take action now.” Jaqon’s teacher replied back by saying, “I agree, let’s move them some place safe.” Jaqon saw the teacher nod and walk back to her classroom. Immediately, Jaqon’s teacher walked to the front of the class and demanded their attention. The children looked in her direction and just as she began to talk, she’s interrupted again; however, this time, it wasn’t someone who interrupted her, it was something. Jaqon could hear the wind begin to rise abruptly and the slamming of debris against the school building. He was only six years old, so he didn’t quite comprehend what was going on, so he decided to ask his teacher. “What’s going on outside?” Jaqon asked. “Nothing you should be worrying about” replied his teacher. In addition to that reply, Jaqon’s teacher told all of the children to get under their desk. The children did as they were told without any objections because they simply thought they were going to play a game. However, the teacher knew that they should be worrying because a tornado was approaching towards them at a terrifyingly fast rate.

Suddenly, the wind got so loud that Jaqon could barely hear anything and even more debris crashed against the school. All of the children were still under their desks not knowing what was about to happen. This was it, tragedy was about to strike. The tornado had reached Jaqon’s school and the only thing left to do was cling tight and wait for it to pass.

The tornado broke through the school’s walls, exposing Jaqon’s classroom. Immediately, papers began to fly away and the desks, with the children under it, began to move. The teacher tried her best to keep all of her student’s safe, but in the end her efforts just weren’t enough. The tornado began to sweep some of the children away with its’ powerful winds, along with different parts of the school.

The tornado didn’t last long. It simply tore through the school and continued its path of destruction. After the tornado passed, Jaqon found himself waking up under a pile of debris. He immediately thought of his family and got up to go home, but he didn’t recognize his surroundings, and he soon realized that the wind must’ve carried him away. Like any other young child, he began to cry tears of loneliness and sadness. Jaqon didn’t know which way to go, and there was nobody around as far as he could see. Eventually, he dried up his tears and began to head north in search of his family.

Approximately two weeks passed since the tornado tore through Africa and hit Jaquon’s village and near-by school. Jaqon was still wandering aimlessly in search of his family and along the way; he managed to find pieces of food to eat and a puddle of water to drink from. Jaqon was near the point of starvation, and his ribs began to show. He thought that he would never see anyone or his family again and that he was going to die soon. Jaqon decided to stop walking and pray. He slowly kneeled with his head touching the ground and began to say aloud, “Dear God, please allow my family to be safe and help me find them soon. Amen.” God must’ve heard Jaqon’s prayers, because a group of people suddenly appeared, and they turned out to be a rescue team sent to Africa to help with the tornado victims. The group of people saw Jaqon kneeling on the ground and went to help him up. They explained to Jaqon what they were there for and they asked for his name. Jaqon told them and the people lit up with smiles on their faces. They told Jaqon that his family had been searching for him day and night, and that they could take him to them right now. Jaqon broke out in a big smile and tears of joy sprang from his eyes, because finally, he gets to see his family again.

The rescue group had done just what they told Jaqon they’d do; they reunited him with his family. Jaqon’s family was so happy to finally be able to have all of their family members together again. They all thanked the rescuers and went on to live their lives. The tornado was just a detour for Jaqon’s family, but now that there together, everything is all right again.

The author's comments:
In my Journalism class, i was given a picture and was told to write a story based upon my thoughts of what the picture was trying to tell. I recieved a picture of a boy kneeling on the ground with clutter around him and he appeared to be malnourished. If you want to learn of how he got that way and what event led up to it, ready my story: Tragedy Strikes

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