The Terrible Experience

September 19, 2012
By Ciearrac3 BRONZE, Brookfield, Georgia
Ciearrac3 BRONZE, Brookfield, Georgia
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The Terrible Experience

It was dark, but still hot outside like always. Ricky, Jose, and Ally were sitting in the fire station watching “TOSH.O.” The chief came in talking about retiring and a call came in through the radio. It was 10pm what could possibly be going on?
It took them a while to get ready since they weren’t ready. That night, a lot of things were going on and there had been a lot of plane crashes in the past 3 months. No one had been able to figure out why still. They hurried to the location, but kept getting confused. The address they had been given wasn’t even close to familiar. They rode around looking for it. Out of nowhere they saw a plane in the sky so they stopped and tried to see what was going on. They stared at the plane in the sky, but what was going on? The plane was going in circles. Ricky looked up and realized it looked like it was getting closer. They hurried in the truck to get out the way but it was too late
The truck was in the woods upside down and the chief was lying across the road dead. Ricky was lying on the ground holding his leg. Ally got up looking for everyone and making sure they were okay, but there was no one but Ricky, Jose, And Ally left. They didn’t know which way to go and all they had was a saw. Jose grabbed it and broke into the truck to see what supplies they had; Ricky sat Tommy up against a wall. Jose came back with a pack of cheese crackers and told them the radio didn’t work at all out here, most likely because of where they were.
They traveled through the woods searching for a way out, but no luck. They stopped where they saw something that looked like a ladder going down the steep hill. Ally climbed down the ladder to see where it went. All there was were sticks and trees. There was no way to get home. They were completely lost. They sat there looking lonely, sad, and hungry. Ricky had looked as if he were dying; he had gotten to the point where he could barely feel his leg anymore unless he was walking on it.
They traveled until they found a house along the woods, it looked abandoned but they weren’t really sure. They sat Ricky in the chair sitting in the kitchen and called to see if anyone was there. No answer. Ally and Jose searched the house for something to eat, but nothing. Ally stood there thinking, there had to be someone there, there was a couch that looked brand new in the kitchen. It looked as if they were trying to get it in the living room from how it was positioned. They sat in the kitchen and chatted while Jose was outside doing something.
Im less than 20 minutes Jose ran in the small house saying someone was coming. They didn’t know if they needed to hide or what. They helped Ricky get under the bed and hid in the bathroom. The people walked in looking around with their little girl. They didn’t look as if they had ever even been to the town they were from. They had holes in their clothes and looked as if they hadn’t taken a bath in months. The little girl hurried to the bathroom to use the bathroom. The first thing she did was screaming. They quickly got up and left with Ricky. Where could they go? The even greater question was how would they survive?
Two days had passed and no one had come; they were hungry with nothing left to eat but what was captured and that was barely anything most of the time. They traveled a little more until it got dark. They start to wonder if anyone even knew they were missing. Suddenly, a plane circles around them. They stare at it for a minute, to make sure the same thing didn’t happen. When they thought it was under control, they waved, jumped and screamed until they lost their voice. They slowly land where they are. They put Ricky in a medical bed and helped him in the back. It was the first time Ally and Jose heard him talk in over twelve hours.
When they got to the hospital, reporters flooded the whole thing. Everyone was asking questions but they really couldn’t answer what had happened. When they got out, they were taken to the fire station to talk to the new chief. Ricky gave a speech saying how grateful he was that he was rescued, and told them about the chief that died, how he was just about to retire and something that had to happen. At least he was in a good place and who knows, maybe he was watching over him the whole time.

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