The Banks' Family Thanksgiving

September 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The Banks’ Family Thanksgiving

It was thanksgiving, on a cold November evening in the state of West Virginia. All the Banks’ were sitting in the den, talking about recent endeavors, while Geoffrey, the butler, was preparing the feast in the kitchen. He prepared quite a fine meal this year. He was even using the silver gravy boat. As Mr. Banks was telling about his last hunting trip in the Alaskan wilderness, Geoffrey popped into the doorway. “The meal is ready, sir”, He chimed. After this, the family shuffled out of the dimly lit room into the bright dining area, greeted by a long white table cloth with a large crystal chandelier hanging above. The table was filled with all sorts of food, from creamy mashed potatoes to sweet bright red cranberry sauce. And sitting in the middle was a plump, golden brown turkey full of delectable stuffing. As they took their seats, with Mr. Banks being at the head, they fresh vegetables steamed and filled the room with a hearty aroma.
As it was tradition, the head of the table stood up and began to lead the group in and thanksgiving grace. “We thank us that the Lord has given us this fine food prepared for us by Geoffrey on this clear November evening. Thank you that we may live in this great state and live with freedom.” he announced and then he swiftly began to start to carve the main dish into thin slices of white meat. Then, proceeding the carving, the dishes of food were passed around to all members of the family. “This smells delicious!”, little Will exclaimed as he slowly poured the gravy, covering his potatoes in a slop of meaty delight. “Indeed”, Carlton added. After all the food was passed around the oblong oval table, Will and Carlton quickly began to tear away at the meaty flesh. They sounded like saws, ripping the tender skin off the greasy drumsticks. Bits and crumbs were falling everyone, and Carlton’s mustache was getting filled with bits of carrots and gravy slowly dripped off his potato covered chin. Meanwhile, Will was shoveling a heap of cranberries and creamed corn into his mouth. The rest of the family watched in disgust as they lost their appetite after seeing Will and Carl.

The author's comments:
My English teacher inspired me to write this piece.

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