As I Wander

September 14, 2012
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As I wander along the shore, my mind wanders farther. It takes me to a place free of society, who is eager to pontificate and spares derision for no one. I atone for my civilized sins by this appreciation of nature. The song-like chirp of the birds and the incessant hum of the insects seem to concur; now someone realizes they have a song to sing, and my ears are willing to listen. The salty zephyr harrows me. I want to as free as the breeze, to float along with no worries. Each undulating wave displaces the sand and replaces it with new. It does the same with my memory, which I’ve grown repugnance for. One scarring memory after the next is erased along with the sand as each wave sneaks up on the land. The salty air tingles my skin, my skin feels the warmth of the sun, my feet relish in warmth of the sand. I am aware. I am alive. I am the epitome of nature.

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