Stars Are Such Funny Things

September 20, 2012
By IAMMone BRONZE, Keyport, New Jersey
IAMMone BRONZE, Keyport, New Jersey
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"It isn't about how you shield yourself through the storm, it is about how you dance in the rain because it doesn't rain forever." --Unknown

Stars. Everyone wants to be one. Stars are such funny things, I really don't know why. I mean they shine and glisten in the night, but every star burns out and surely is forgotton after another star has replaced it. Yet everyone wants to be a star. Stars are such funny things.

There is milions of stars;they all look the same. Some are older and still you can see them shine a bit brighter. But it's funny to me how the biggest and the brightest stars no one can look in the face without pain or going damn near blind. Stars are such funny things.

No matter how fast the world moves, they reamin in the same place. People both young and old wish upon a star; even look up to them every night. People look up to stars. Though I really don't know why...stars are such funny things.

Some stars guide people and unlock their secrets; secrets some people didn't even know they kept inside themselves. I want to be a star, i don't know why. Stars are such funny things.

It is a big pond, full of fish, is that what you think when you look at the night sky? I laughed when I heard there was stars preserved in concrete because I know those stars are in the sky; even when they die. Stars are such funny things.

I mean I guess stars aren't so bad. They were born to shine. But there are millions of stars all of which are divine, and we only pay attention to certin ones. Everyone is a star, and I know exactly why. Stars are such funny things.

Yes! We are all stars, each ready to shine. It is up to us to show ourselves to others; make them look up to us! But I don't want people to look up to me. I am afraid I won't shine bright enough. Yet, this still makes me a star, and what funny things stars are.

How about you? Do you want to be a star? Why do you want to be a star? Do you think you will be able to shine bright enough for them? Will they look up to you?

You know what my favorite kind of stars are? Well, I like the stars that you can see during the daylight, you know...right before the night comes. Why you ask? Simply because these stars are not afriad to be seen...even when they aren't shining . You see stars are such funny, funny things.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a monologue for my Drama class for a final . Just thought I would share it. It is simple but I think you can see the comparison.

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