Why The Sky is Blue

September 18, 2012
By artsy16 BRONZE, DeKalb, Texas
artsy16 BRONZE, DeKalb, Texas
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Across the street in the quaint little house, that's not me, nope, I live in the mansion at the end of the road; Awesome right? Wrong, heaven on earth its not, hell in full is more like it. Big, stupid, abusive dad who, "loves me unconditionally ", he says. With every bruise inducing blow it's,"builds character", yea right, the only character it builds are the ones in movies who kill themselves; lucky for me I'm just not that desperate, no matter how easy it'd be.We all know the story, happy family ten some tragedy, divorce, death, drug, drinking, accident, and it's all over, no more happiness. Well that no how it went for us, yea my mom left me here alone, but she didn't forget me, she didn't not want me, she just lost custody;she wasn't rich; dad hadn't hit me yet. I love my mom, i don't blame her;I miss the mom i never knew. Truth is I still love my dad, he's all I have, yea he makes stupid mistakes , but he loves me, he really does, and he loved mom too; Everyone has problems, he just couldn't cope. Life's hard, but here's what i intend to do about it...

The author's comments:
im not physically abused, im not rich, i can relate to this charater on some levels. I hope people feel more then just one emotion with this.

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