the sliver coin

September 14, 2012
By vanessa zavala BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
vanessa zavala BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The silver coin!
I moved the squirrel on to a stick and began roasting it, it wasn’t the best tasting animal out there, but nonetheless it was still food. Whilst that was cooking I began to gather some berries and herbs, it was well past midnight but the berry bushes weren’t far off. I began picking the berries absentmindedly, listening to the sounds of the woods. Off far in the distance I heard a scuffle; probably a fox catching its meal, I wasn’t the only one that was hungry at this time of night.
I looked down at the small pile of berries that had collected at my feet, it wasn’t enough for both Toby and I; I just wish Toby had better luck catching an animal tonight. I held out a small section of my muddy and well-worn dress out to hold the berries in. As I turned to go back to the campfire I felt a tug at the back of my dress and soon after I heard my dress tear. I sighed and turned around to unhook it from the bush’s’ branches, as I unhooked it I saw that the branches had left quite a gaping hole at the bottom of my dress. It was the best dress I owned…well it was the only clothing I owned, but at one point in time it was the most beautiful dress I had ever owned; now it was torn in several places, caked with mud, and the color of a swamp.
Looking at the dress I remember when I first laid eyes on it and how surprised I was to find out that my mother had purchased it for me. It was the day before my eighteenth birthday I was walking towards the fruit stands when I saw the seamstress pull this beautiful lavender colored dress out of her shop. I couldn’t stop myself from going over to her and asking her how much the dress cost, but the only answer I received was a smile as she placed the dress in my hands. Apparently it was an early gift from my mother. Just thinking about her made me smile, she was always so kind and considerate. I had the perfect life but things don’t always go as planned especially when you’re dealing with murdering scumbags.
As I was putting the berries next to the campfire when I heard noises behind me, I grabbed the end of a stick and turned only to come face to face with Toby, my pet wolf my best friend, he had solid black fur and piercing green eyes .
“What’s wrong with you Greta?” Toby asked, as if he didn’t already know.
“Nothing just reminiscing about my royal life, you know the usual.”
“Well speaking of those barbarians Greta, I found out today that they were disposing of all the old materials in the castle, which means that many of your things will be in the streets soon.”
“Of course they would get rid of all the decent things in there, they only came for one thing and they got it, that stupid coin.” I took the squirrel off the stick and gave half of it to Toby.
“You know Greta I was thinking that we could gather up some people to help us take back what was rightfully ours.”
Toby took a huge bite of his squirrel whilst I thought about this. Did I really want to risk my life for the one thing that led me here?
That silver coin was meant be special, but instead it brought nothing but tragedy. Then again it only brought chaos because it was in the wrong hands. That silver coin could give you anything you desired, which in this case it was my kingdom.
I turned back to Toby to tell him that I wanted to take back my kingdom, but he was a little busy with his dinner. I grabbed his squirrel and hid it behind by back to get his attention.
“You know you could chew your food Toby.”
“Hey! Give that back!”
“Just listen to me for a minute Toby, I agree with you, I need to stop hiding and fight for what is mine!”
“Well would you look at that, it only took you nine months to figure that out.” Toby said whilst he took his squirrel back. I gave him my half as well, besides I wasn’t that hungry.
I lay down next to the fire and dreamt of my old life.
When I woke up I saw that Toby was already up, apparently we had company. Next to an oak tree sat four other wolves; two with brown fur, one with gray fur, and another with black fur, they were busy talking to Toby so they didn’t notice me standing up. It wasn’t until I called out Toby’s name that any of them paid any attention to me.
“Toby what’s going on?” I asked
“Well… you are the one said you were ready to take back your kingdom,” Toby said as he walked towards me.
“Greta I want you to meet Napoleon, Tony, Paul, and Victor, these are all alpha wolves; they and their packs are ready to fight with us if you still want to.”
I stared at all of them, each of these wolves had lives to protect yet they were willing to risk their lives for me. I turned towards Toby and with a new determination I said, “Let’s get started.”
Soon enough it was dark and our plan would be set in motion. I turned to all the wolves and thanked them one last time before I grabbed the last of my supplies and headed for the kingdom.
The wolves were somehow able to get me a new dress and tarot cards, my disguise for the night would be a gypsy offering free tarot card readings.
I made it to the town without any problems now all I had to do was get into the kingdom. Which was apparently not a difficult task at all; the only thing I had to do was give the guards free readings.
As I walked towards the doors of the kingdom I took a chance to look around, everything was unkempt and dirty, it was even worse inside, there was broken glass everywhere, papers thrown all over the place, and drunken men passed out on the floor. I did not let my mind dwell on these things for too long, I had a job to do tonight, and if all went well I would regain my kingdom tonight.
I walked right to my father’s study and saw three men speaking in hushed tones. I knocked on the door before I entered; they all turned towards the door and gave me suspicious glances. I took a deep breath before I said, “Hello would you all like a free reading tonight?”
None of them spoke; they all continued to stare at me so I repeated my question. Finally one of the men agreed and as I walked towards him I saw the other two men take their seats on the couch.
As soon as I was done giving the first man a reading the other two gathered around me and demanded that their future be read as well. I told I would but I first needed a drink of water, they told me where I could find the kitchen. I came back with a pitcher filled with water and a few glasses. I offered each man some water and they gladly accepted. I told each man their future and by the time I was done they could hardly keep their eyes open. I made sure that they were knocked out before I ran out to meet the wolves; the sleeping medicine would only work for so long.
Once I was outside I was met by more than twenty wolves, I led them inside, all the while wondering what they had done to the guards. Before I let them do whatever they wanted with the men I quickly searched their pockets, I found the silver coin and walked out of the study. I let the wolves do whatever they wished with the men, I studied the coin before I told it what I desired. This coin had brought vikings to our kingdom and soon enough they had overpowered my father’s army and taken the kingdom by force, now it was my turn to take it back.
I closed my eyes and desired for the entire kingdom to be restored to its former glory and to rid kingdom of all the Vikings. When I opened my eyes everything was put back in its rightful place, everything but my parents, no matter how much wishful thinking I couldn’t bring them back. I went back into the study and thanked all of the wolves for their help before they were off. I had finally gotten my kingdom back and it was all because of the wolves help.

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