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September 11, 2012
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She dove in. The liquid slipping all around her until she was drenched in its contents. Bubbles of air and thin waves moved past her body as her arms sliced through the clear water. It was like music to her. She kept rhythm- moving through the waves with speed and control. Everything else formed a symphony around her. It was wonderful. She felt free and confident with the sheer water surrounding her. There was no way to describe her contentment. It was just there- a certain kind of peace mixed with exhilaration that she hadn’t found anywhere except for here in the cool ripples and waves of the vast, blue water.
In one swift motion, she turned her face upward, opening her eyes and watching the light from above as it shimmered through the blurred inches of water between her and the atmosphere overhead. The air bubbles danced gracefully to the surface, bursting lightly like tiny fireworks made not of fire, but of water. This was her place, exactly where she wished she could be all the time. But she couldn’t. Her need for air wouldn’t allow that. She pushed up with a small force; ascending to the blinding surface of light and sky and sucking in a deep breath before plunging back down. And now, she could feel that pure peace and contentment all over again...

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revolution567 said...
Mar. 9, 2014 at 2:30 pm
Great piece. This brief article really reflects how it is to be at peace when doing something you love (which for this person is swimming). You somehow accurately convey this indescribable feeling. Your use of figurative language is superb.
Bay_Renee replied...
Mar. 9, 2014 at 3:54 pm
Oh, wow- thanks, haha! I wrote this almost two years ago as a descriptive piece for a Creative Writing class I was taking. I'm glad you liked it!=]
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