My Worst Day Ever

September 10, 2012
One day, I was at school. This tragedy happened at recess. My friends and I started to play kickball. We were pretty good at it because that was the only thing we could play. So, it was finally my turn after seven kids. I was really anxious because i wanted to kick it over the fence.
I walked up to the base, and I got ready. The pitcher rolled the ball really fast! I kicked it as hard as i could! Then, I felt a snap in my knee. I screamed in pain and fell to the ground.
My friend Jerry, went to go get a teacher for help. All of the kids at recess gathered around me to see what had happened. I was crying in pain, and my knee felt like it was breaking into pieces. Then, the teacher finally arrived with a wheel chair. She took me to the nurses office and the nurse called my mom.
My mom came and took me to the hospital. When we got there, there was a line. So finally it was my turn after five people. The doctor took me to the room to do x-rays on my knee. After five minutes of taking x-rays, the doctor told me that I had tore a ligament. He also said that i had to wear a leg brace, and use crutches for three months! I was shocked and scared. That was not a fun day at all.

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