Growth of the Innocenents

September 9, 2012
By Posiedensheartbreak SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Posiedensheartbreak SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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A bright green dense forest spurts from the ground, white glowing honey suckles seem to float on the leaves just as clouds float on the sky. The trees stretch their long bodies into the bright blue horizon. Breezy humid air surrounds the forest and the houses, carrying with it the voices of children. The laughter and, the triumph of the children fills the forest and keeps the wilderness surviving. Long stalks of sunflowers grow in the backyard of a house. The sunflowers smile and raise their faces towards the bright hot sun. Distant memories fade through the air. The smell of near summer fills the atmosphere bringing with it the comfort of endless nights and relaxant days. The scene seemingly out of a priceless painting with its perfectly placed trees, offsetting of rocks, sporadic growing wild flowers everywhere eyes could see. Yet, to the inhabitants of the garden and the sea of tree’s and moss covered rock it was just home. Even as the heated humid air turns to cold frosting torrents the comfort of the forest, is always there. Even when the rest of the world seems to push innocence away from the inhabitants, the garden and enclosing forest welcomes it. When the children started to feel the harsh wind of the world the forest always protected them, never turning its’ back on a teary eye or a smiling face. Even after the children sprouted up higher than the sun flowers and blew away to a new home, they were always welcome back to cherish the comfort they once sought. Yet, as they grew the simplicity of drawing figures with chalk on the concrete of the garden, playing hide in go seek in the twist of the trees, or the forgotten simplicity of lying off in the grass, these once favorable pass times were no longer satisfying. They were now grown with their innocence now gone, the garden was all but forgotten, until the next generation of children came along. They appreciated the forest just as the others once did being, the safe haven it was. The garden and forest would live on, no matter how dispersed it seemed by the children who grow to love it.

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