Born into Redemption

September 10, 2012
By Anonymous

There isn't a whole lot in my life that I can really claim to. No riches to be born into and no Extra-Ordinary Talent to express my imploded emotions to. After a few years of my birth , I began to set eyes on the world around me, the cruelty of people acting out their devilish ways upon one another. It seemed as if Satan's ignorance had spreaded from the cracks of molten hell and infected the vurnable hearts of sane men. Getting well into my years of becoming a young man I stand where I am now. 17, though I am far from the goal that my 10 yearself had imagined would be in my palm right now , I am still sane, still learning more and more about the deeds of men and the wants of the God that glares down upon us. Even I , as clear as I wanted this life to be have sinned and fell short of my rulers glory. I've brought problems and heartache upon myself with no hesitation. Killing it all away with the excuse of ignorance I've nearly drowned myself in wrongful examples of "Living". More and more during my time of thought I find myself blaming my Ignorance and self less and less. Instead I've realized that the talents and abilties I do posses have been blocked for a reason. In order for me to reclaim the Idealolgy that "he" has set for me , I must Redeem myself above all that wish to bring myself down, and make a throne for myself, redeeming my soul and burning away the traces of pain. I will live for my redemption.

The author's comments:
It's a piece about me realizing one purpose in my life and how I was live each day correcting what I was born into.

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