Vintage Sights

September 4, 2012
By Anonymous

I walked into Vintage Sights and found some half eaten breakfast sandwich lying on the counter where the customers pay for their cloth. I’m pretty sure Paul was running late today so he was probably in the back trying to reorganize. I climb up the billion steps that lead me to one little room in which I work in. I shouldn’t really be working in there but I had connections made so that I wouldn’t have to work downstairs. I open the heavy wooden door gasp. Paul and Lauren were getting cozy on my favorite couch. I looked at Paul, he looked at me. Lauren’s eyes were wide and scared. What. The. Hell. “Um, what are you doing here?” Paul said lamely. He got up so fast I almost wondered if I was imagining all of this. “Wha?” Lauren chocked .He was now standing 3 feet away from her. I could tell Paul was trying to play it cool, like nothing was happening, but this was obviously wrong in so many ways. “What to do you mean, ‘what am I doing here’? I work here!” I said. I could feel Lauren’s stares trying to burn a hole on the side of my head. “Yeah, but you don’t work yet. It’s only 10” Lauren, who was now a strange shade of pink .I would almost see the vomit creeping up in the back her throat. “It’s Saturday, Lauren. I come at this time every week. And I’m over this. Can we pretend this never even happened? And I want that couch cleaned to I can sit on it again” I said and stormed out of the room. I can’t believe my manager/sister’s ex-boyfriend and coworker were furiously making out on my couch. Okay, so it’s not really mine, but I use that couch all the time. And they are using my room which by the way is painted a totally gross shade of green. “This never happened!” Paul yelled out at me by the time I reached the bottom the steps. Lauren followed him shortly like a sad puppy.

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