Greenhouse Nightmare

September 3, 2012
By AnimeFallenAngel BRONZE, St. Cloud, Florida
AnimeFallenAngel BRONZE, St. Cloud, Florida
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"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." -Edgar Allan Poe

“… and that my dears’ is how my dearest kitty lost his left hind leg.” Slowly petting her shaggy, old cat, Mrs. Rosemary smiles down at the children. “Meow. Meow.” The old cat rolls onto the cold floor as Mrs. Rosemary starts watering the plants, “care to help my darlings?” looking down at young Skyler and Kaylee she smiles lovingly, and hopefully. “Sure.” “We’d love too.” both answered, happy to help in any way.
Watering, planting, and hours of simple fun Skyler realizes the sun begins to go down. “Kaylee, mom wanted us home before dusk.” “But I don’t want to leave!” “We must, come on.” Both looked back at the old, frail woman. “Goodbye Mrs. Rosemar-” but they were cut off by the horrific site of which they saw. Mrs. Rosemary was kneeling on the ground next to the bloody mess that was; Kitty. “Now, now my darling’s there is nothing to be afraid of… Kitty was sad… Kitty wanted to die.” Slowly looking up, the children see the crazed look in the old woman’s usual dull, gray eyes. “Yeah, that is it… he was hurting. I did Kitty a favor.”
A little frightened Kaylee slightly nudges her brother. “We—we should go now.” “Yea- yeah we should g-go.” Slowly making their way through the greenery the children trudge to the door of the no longer beautiful greenhouse. “You’re not going anywhere my darling’s, you’re going to stay right here and help me,” stalking closer Mrs. Rosemary slowly twists the bloody knife in her hands, “or else I sadly might have to use this again, perhaps twice more.” Looking down at the frightened children Mrs. Rosemary smiles. “Now I would never want to hurt either of you. I love you two as if you were my own…” “YOU’RE CRAZY!” Screamed, Skyler. “YOU’RE INSANE!” Screeched, Kaylee. “Now now that’s not very polite my lovely’s, looks like I need to teach you some manners!” With the speed of light Mrs. Rosemary flung the blade at Skyler’s chest. Diving out of the way the sharp, icy knife skinned his small shoulder. “RUN!!”
Sprinting as fast as their little legs would allow, they both made their way to the greenhouse door. “Stop! Please Mrs. Rosemary! Stop!!” screamed Skyler, but she had disappeared. Looking around meekly the children walk slowly towards the door. “Take my hand Kaylee.” Skyler is answered by silence. “Kaylee? KAYLEE!” Frantically turning around Skyler sees a ways back a bloody trail and finds the crimson corpse of his little sister. “Kaylee?” Crying softly Skyler hugs and kisses his little sister one last time. “I’m sorry, Kay.” Lost, confused, and hallow Skyler gets up and continues searching for a way out of this torture.
“Which way?! Which way?!” frantically searching for the exit Skyler turns another corner to find a dead end. “Why are you afraid my dear child? I will not harm you… aha!” Spotting Skyler Mrs. Rosemary blots with her dried up, bloody knife in hand. “I can’t let you leave my dearest child. Not now.” Stalking closer to Skyler Mrs. Rosemary begins chasing him. Dashing like a cheetah Skyler makes it to the door to find his way out of the bleak greenhouse and down the deserted street. Finally free.
One year later. “Mom! Dad!” The two enter the living room each wearing making gazes of confusion. “What?” “What is it Sky?” they question. Each turning their gazes to the television their expressions alter from confusion to unbelievable, and indescribable, horror. Speaking in a quiet whisper, Skyler states, “she’s escaped. Mrs. Rosemary is coming back for me.”

The author's comments:
I titled this story "Greenhouse Nightmare" because twice a year, every year I would have this same exact nightmare. IT was as if I was watching this happen and I could not help. I finally was able to write this, and since I did I have not had the nightmare again.

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