Snap Comes Home

September 7, 2012
Snap Comes Home

It was an ordinary day at PetSmart and they were getting more box turtles added to the store. Two of them were girls and one of them was a boy. All three of them were brown, with long necks. The girl turtles loved the pet store, but the boy turtle did not. He wanted a girl to come and buy him.

“ I want a little girl, like my friends owner to come and buy me,” The little turtle told his sisters.

“ Well I don’t. I love it here!” One of the sisters said.

“Me too.” The other turtles agreed. Next thing you know, a family walks in. They had five kids and two parents. They walked right over to the turtle aisle and looked at the desert tortoises, snap turtles, red sliders, and then to the box turtles. The tallest and oldest girl said, “I want that one. He’s so cute, and he looks like he wants to get out of here.”

So the dad went to get an employee and said, “ We would like to get this.” She also needs all the supplies for him.”

So the employee walked over the turtle aquarium and got the turtle. Then she put it in a mini version of the aquarium.

“ Here is the turtle. This kind eats mostly plants like lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, but it likes crickets too.”

“Okay”, the dad replied.

The employee led the family to the aisle here you get the food and supplies they need.

“ You can choose what aquarium you want, but you need to get the medium size tank for this type of turtle.”

“Okay, what do we need to put in the aquarium?” the dad asked.

“ Well, here is a kit of the basic stuff that you’ll need to put in the aquarium, but if you want to put decorations into it, you can get them over her,” she told the family. The employee then left while the family decided what the turtle was going to have as his new habitat. As the dad decided which was cheapest, the girl introduced the family.

“ I am Chloe. These are my siblings Mckenzie, Ashley, Sydney, and Brandon. This is my mom, Catherine and my dad, Joshua” Chloe introduced the turtle. “I’m going to name you snap because that is a name of turtle from a book called Iggy the Iguana and I like that name”, Chloe told the turtle.

They then walked over to the checkout counter.

“ Thank you for shopping at PetSmart. Hope you’ll come back, enjoy your turtle miss,” the cashier told them.”

“ Thanks , I will,’ Chloe replied. “ Finally I got a turtle after asking 5 years ago. Thanks mommy and daddy. You guys are the best! I promise that I will take good care of him.” Now Snap had a new friend to meet when he arrived at his new house. Their dog named Mac. Lets see how Mac likes the new family member added to their family.

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