The Beautiful Child

September 6, 2012
Chapter One- The Life of an Beautiful Girl

Beauty. It can be the best thing in the whole world, or your worst enemy who you wish to never face. Most girls are lucky and have it as their best friend, who they rely everything on and never get let down. But for other girls, such as myself, beauty is their only friend, and their only enemy.
April 3rd 1996. Matt and Jessica Rynolds had their fourth child, and their first daughter. Born a few days later than expected, their daughter was very healthy and developed more than the average baby. They were told that their daughter would be tall, healthy, and seemed to be a beautiful baby; some nurses said it was one of the most beautiful babies they’ve ever seen. But the Rynolds were just happy to welcome another baby into their life, especially it being their first daughter.
April 3rd 2001. Matt and Jessica Rynolds receive startling news from their children’s pediatrician. Their once beautiful, strong, and healthy daughter now has an extremely deadly muscle disease that could be fatal. Their now weak daughter was hauled away to a children’s hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Their daughter was in stage 4 of 4, the worst and most painful stage. She needed immediate surgery if she was to live. The parents and their three older children waited hours desperately awaiting news of the surgery, to even hear her voice again.
Hours later, a tall doctor came to them looking clammy and tired. They looked at him anxiously to hear of their daughter, and where she was recovering at. Was it the west wing, or the south wing, or even the children’s wing? Their answer was sadly said. Their daughter did not make it, their only daughter, their baby, the five year old girl did not make it through surgery.
Or so they were told.

Chapter Two- Rehab at Ember Wood

I struggled for a breath as I crawled on all fours under the electric fence just inches above me. It could shock you so hard that you could feel it in your teeth, and it would singe your hair to shreds.
“Let’s go Miss. Carson! Move it, move girl!” my coach shouted in the microphone which was connected to my earpiece. I flinched at the loud sound but I knew not to stop. I went as fast as I could go, practically touching the fence but not enough to shock me. I could see the end and I went even faster. I made it through the end and fell on my back panting for my breath.
My coach stopped the stopwatch and grunted, “17.08, 1 second less from your last time missy. My grandma can do better than that! You pretty girls never do any work! Go shower off, you smell horrible.” She grabbed my collar and hoisted me up. She released me and I slowly walked towards the locker room and sat on the closest bench. I grabbed a water bottle and drank it all, letting it spill onto my chin and onto my sweaty shirt.
I stripped my sweaty clothes off and shoved them in my locker. I grabbed a towel and swung it around my grimy body. I walked with the towel around my body to the showers then put my towel on a bench outside of my shower. I stepped into the shower and closed the dinky curtain. The showerhead turned on automatically and doused me in steaming water. My body was covered in grim and sweat from the rehab exercise, but it washed off nicely and went down the little drain.
After my hair and body were cleaned, I turned the little glass knob to shut the showerhead off. It eased and began to slowly drip with the excess water. I dried myself a bit with the towel then wrapped it around my body again. I walked back towards where my bag and sweaty clothes were, and sat down on the bench. I slipped my undergarments on, then my black sweatpants and blue cotton short-sleeve shirt on. I brushed my bleached blonde straight hair out with a cruddy little paddle brush then pulled it into a French braid. Then I slipped my white little bag over my shoulders and headed out of the locker room.
Chapter Three- Ember Wood Dormitory #340

I woke up to the loud beeping noises of my alarm clock and let out a loud groan. Keeping my face in my soft pillow, I reached over and dismissed the alarm. I rolled over and slowly opened by eyes. My room was messy, as usual. Ginger, my roommate, was in the bathroom taking a quick shower before breakfast and probably curling her hair like she usually did. I slowly sat up in my bed and swung my legs off. My feet shrieked when they touched the cold wood floor but I contained my jolt and stood up, stretching. Since I was 6’5 I could touch the ceiling with my fingertips. I then straightened my crumpled bed sheets and make it look a lot nicer than it had been.
Ginger emerged from the bathroom with perfect curls and a bit too much makeup, especially eyeliner. She was wearing the uniform skirt, a lot shorter, and a revealing white uniform top. She smiled at me then turned to flick a bit of dust off her perfect side of the room and gave a disapproving look at my side. I shrugged and walked into the bathroom, closing the door silently. I took my hair out of my French braid and was happy to see my hair had curled nicely. I searched the drawers and used a bit of Ginger’s hair spray to hold my curls in. I washed my face and applied some makeup to my face, but not using nearly as much as Ginger did.
A voice came on over the speaker which was in each dorm. “Good morning my fellow students, I would like to remind you that breakfast will be in several minutes so I hope you will not be late,” She cleared her throat and ruffled through some papers,” I would like to inform you that we are welcoming a new student to Ember Wood today. Mister Luke will be joining the sophomore class for the 2nd semester of schooling. I hope you all give him a warm welcome. Those are the morning announcements for today, have am educational day!” The voice faded out.
Ginger smirked as she grabbed her purse. “That Luke kid is a sophomore eh? I guess I’ll be seeing him around.” She winked at me and walked out of our dorm.
“I’m a sophomore too.” I muttered shutting the door. I quickly changed into the uniform skirt and a put on the white buttoned top. I slipped some bracelets on my right hand and slipped a headband onto my head. My messenger bag was waiting for me at the door and I slung it onto my shoulder and headed out the door.
Chapter Four- Ember Wood at its Best

At breakfast I grabbed a ripe yellow apple, my favorite, and ate it on the way to Biology. The halls were crowded with people at their lockers chatting to their friends and getting stuff from their lockers. I squeezed through the hallways trying to avoid Ginger and her pack of girls. I was about to get into the classroom when someone blocked my way.
“Oh look girls, its Nicky.” Ginger gave me an evil glare. “Nice hair, where’d you get the idea?” She flipped her bouncing curls, “I hope next time you be a bit more original.” She put on a fake smile and walked away with her pumps clicking on the ground. Her pack followed her waving at me and laughing. I rolled my eyes and walked into Bio. I took my usual seat near the back and put my bag underneath my seat. I slouched a bit in my chair and took out my textbook and a pen. Some stragglers hurried into class then took their seats.
My teacher walked into the classroom with a weird swagger that I never really understood. His balding head looked like he had just shined it, the thought made me want to gag. He had brown slacks and a white button up shirt on with a plain red tie. He cleared his throat getting out attention, “Students please open your textbooks and turn to page-
The door suddenly opened and someone walked in. I looked up from my textbook and caught my breath. A boy walked up to the teacher and handed him a note. He looked up from the note and said, “Class this is Luke, Principal Francine mentioned him on the announcements.” The boy, Luke, had dark brown shaggy hair and bright blue sparkling eyes. Luke gave a slight nod. “You can take that empty seat there, behind Nicky.” He motioned to the seat behind me. I looked down into my textbook, my cheeks blushing.

(In progress, just wanted to put this up)

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Dec. 11, 2012 at 10:57 am
Wow, looks interesting. Great job! Please read, rate, and comment on my poems! It would mean a lot:) Thanks!
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Oct. 18, 2013 at 5:08 pm
Thank you! I'll be sure to read your poems!
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Sept. 10, 2012 at 7:04 pm
I love the last part. It's so...True. But honestly, there was a lot of telling, not showing. But anyways, it's still great.
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Oct. 18, 2013 at 5:08 pm
Thank you for the feedback!
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