Bye Big City

September 5, 2012
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Kyle was on the other side of the phone line waiting for the verdict of his fathers' decision. He kept biting his lips until he felt the the rusty taste of blood on his tongue. Kyle knew he had messed up coming home drunk from a party, past his curfew while he was supposed to be grounded. "dad? daaad?" kyle spoke into the phone, his dad had been so quiet on the other end of the line he thought he was alone.
suddenly his dad spoke up jerking Kyle body to attention

"Honestly, i don't know what to do about your behavior anymore so i've decided that you stay with your grandparents until you graduate"

"But dad that's not fair! its my last year and you just gonna make me stay on the farm with the wardens?, come on dad please?"

"your grandparents are not that bad"

"i don't know if you've noticed, but they don't exactly think of me as their cup of tea"

"kyle, if you had behaved yourself we would not be having this conversation right now"

"but dad they hate me"

"click" the phone was off
The back of Kyle eyes steamed as he tried to hold back the tears that was slipping to surface.

"kyle, i heard your conversation with your dad"

"I' m sorry if you heard something you didn't want to hear grandma"

"Well, I just wanted to say that i'm sorry that you have to be here but…..

"well i'm sorry i have to be here too, trust me"
His grandmother took a deep breath inhaling the anger that was quickly forming through her blood.

"Like i was saying, since you are here i think its best for you to make the best of it and your grandfather and i definitely have some expectation from you"

"O yea, like what? Nope let me guess you want me to be a sergeant right?"

"Nobody is asking you to be anybody but yourself, just a better you, we want you leave from here a better person."

"Right and i'm gonna learn that from the from the chicken and the cows."

"You can loose that attitude as well because it not going to carry you anywhere, and Kansas has a lot of kids your age"
Kyle made a face like he had a hard time believing that anybody with kids would live in Kansas.

"well grandma i'm gonna go feed the chickens and maybe make a movie date with the cows,
"little house on the pairie" he said to himself " it has one good thing though, fresh air"
He strolled forward taking in everything around him, kyle realize it wasn't that bad after all. In fact it was beautiful but it was not his type of place.
Kyle was more of a city boy, he liked the noisy highways, the rude cabdrivers and the way the city never slept. Kyle loved the music of his hometowNew Yorkrk City, but now he had to get use to a new tune. The tune of the chicken crowing, the tune of his grandfather heavy truck plowing the fields and the mooing of cows.

"Well, like grandma said, since i'm here I guess I can make the best of it, as much as I may hate it here it can be ok if I want it to. After all, everybody could use a little change in their lives."

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