September 1, 2012
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He treated me differently than the others, and I thought that made me special. It was as if he had changed over night. One second, I was perfection, and the next, I wasn't worth it. I put up too much of a fight. He tricked me, and deceived me, told me everything I wanted to hear. I thought he was sweeter and more compassionate but really his motives were physical and I let it go too far. I let him push me too much. He told me he "respected" me and so we wouldn't do anything. I believed him and he was truthful, for that night. The next day it was as if his personality had drastically changed. He came at me again and again. I pushed him off but eventually he just wore me down. I let him in and then he walked out. He walked out and got in his car, swerving left and right, and eventually leaving the world at the hands of a semi that he didn't see coming. I wish I could say I missed him, but I wish more that he didn't take a piece of me with him.

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