A Cup of Milk

September 1, 2012
By Anonymous

He loves me? I can’t believe he said he loves me. Why do you love somebody like me? You love the voices in my head too? Even the voice that screams “I hate you”?
“Ah!” I screamed, kicking and scratching at the metals floors, and banging my head on the steel wall. “Let me out of here!” I yelled with all my might.
The intoxicating smell of the urine was burning my eyes and making my asthma act up. Barely breathing, I stood up and tried to break the iron ropes. They cut deeper into my skin with each move. Warm blood ran down my arms and stained my white blouse. And all because of this stupid gang war.
“I hate you!” I whaled.
This week seemed like years. This steel box was right under the bed we shared for years-the extra foot-steps I’ve been hearing made my heart stop; the screams made me want to die-but now it’s being shared with a stranger. Then it’s me, all alone in this metal box. How it even got here made my head blow steam. Things could only get worse, and it won’t stop till on of us dies.
A knock at the door flipped my switch. The demon inside me went crazy. The iron rope sung and whipped, hitting the concrete floor. He chuckled at the screams and my chains. He opened the door with a big grin. He always loved to see me in pain-hiding my Adapine from me, lying, and hitting me. My hearts was playing a new song-an angry one.
“Calm down, kitty” he snickered, “feel like caving yet? Feel like dying?” he laughed even more and spoke more coldly with every word. “Speaking of dying, you want you meds?”
I kicked the bucket of urine in his direction. He jumped back and swore at me.
“You’re going to regret that, Red” he came at me with narrow eyes, but I stood my ground.
“I regret nothing” I spoke, my voice was horse.
I sung and he stopped me, and in returned gave a kissed. I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but failed. When he finally pulled away, he looked in my eyes-the same eyes I fell in love with, now full of fake sorrow. No matter what happened between us, I will always love him. That’s even more of a reason why I have to kill him.
“You know I love you” he spoke with a sweet voice, “I’m going to let you go, but you can’t go against my father’s orders, and I won’t go against yours”
I nodded, agreeing with him. He handed me my Adapine, and I paused. The sudden urge to swallow all of them took over me. The voice told me to do it, but his touch kept me sane. He untied me carefully. When I was freed, I dumped out one pill, and then paused. Something my father said crept back into my conscience.
“I need milk” I pointed out.
He led me out of the metal box and to an elevator that let us out in our walk-in closet. While walking down the stairs, I saw camera’s that weren’t there before I went into the metal box. As we came to the kitchen entrance, there were two glasses of milk placed on the island. Similar to an untrained eye, I noticed a difference. The right had a film in it-it contained acid, like the small bottle I have placed in my bra. The left was just plain milk. He walked to the right, and I fought the smile that wanted to crawl on my face.
I walked to the milk and placed the pill in my mouth. Guzzling down the milk he picked up his with a smile and took a sip. He watched in excitement, hungry to taste success. Then all of a sudden, he regretted it.
“But Terrence” I said watching him grab his throat in pain, “I love you”
He fell to the ground, his brown eyes cried out for help, but I was in no position to help him, nor did I have the interest. I walked away with a small smile, and a broken heart.

The author's comments:
I was in my History class and My teacher was teaching up about Chinngis Khan. I don't remember the whole story, but either he or someone else got killed with a poisoned cup of milk. I automatically thought of this and wrote it down.

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