September 1, 2012
By Patty_whack19 GOLD, Meadow Vista, California
Patty_whack19 GOLD, Meadow Vista, California
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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" -Steve Prefontaine

Have you ever had one of those moments when your life flashes before your eyes? This story you are about to read is my moment. This is my final story.

It all started when I was driving down the highway. I was being stupid, driving close to 90 mph but I didn’t care. I was texting while I was driving, like I said, being stupid. I dropped my phone and bent down to pick it up, completely taking my eyes off the road. When my head came up I saw a big rig coming right at me…

I am five years old and I just got my first baseball for my birthday. I ask my dad if we can go play catch and run outside. I throw the ball up in the air and catch it multiple times while I wait for my dad to arrive. I hear him coming and turn around to throw the ball to him and… I see a big rig coming right at me. The horn is honking. I try to react…

I am ten years old. I am at the Little League World Series and it is the last inning. There are two outs and we are down by one. There is a runner at second and I am up to bat. I walk up to the plate and get ready for the first pitch. The pitcher throws the ball and it comes towards me. I swing at the ball and hit it foul. Strike one. The pitcher winds up again and throws the ball a second time. The crowd is roaring but I hear nothing, it is just me and the ball. I swing again and make contact and watch as the ball soars over everyone and out of the park. I run the bases and as I round third… I see a big rig coming right at me. The horn is honking. I try to react by swerving out of the way but…

I am a senior in high school waiting outside the gym. There is a big rally going on in honor of our big baseball game. We hear the speaker call the team out and we run through the doors. The entire school is there cheering for us. Our team captain goes to the podium to give a speech. He talks about how we are going to destroy this other school and win league. The school is all fired up and cheering once again as he finishes his speech and steps down. We start to walk back out of the gym and as the doors open… I see a big rig coming right at me. The horn is honking. I try to react by swerving out of the way but it is too late.

The big rig hit my car in a head on collision. My car crumpled like a tin can and I could feel pain shoot through my body. Miraculously I am still breathing, but I know I will not live much longer. My life is flashing again faster than before. It is flashing with every heartbeat.

I am at my first day of school.

I am with my best friends.
I am at my middle school graduation.

I am at my high school graduation.

Flash flash flash

There are so many memories passing through my mind. I know that I only have a few seconds left to live.


I am looking at a bloodied body inside a crushed car. I watch as that body, my body, takes one more breath then dies.

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