The Double Life of Toriana

August 31, 2012
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Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous princess named Toriana in the country of Montalia. Toriana was an ambitious 17 year old with long hazelnut hair and deep blue eyes. All the young men and boys were falling head over heels for the beautiful Toriana. But, Toriana had a deep secret that kept her from saying yes to any of them.
“But daddy, I don’t want to marry him!” screamed Toriana.
“Why won’t you marry Paulito? He is handsome, kind and quite humorous!” replied her father, King Dronad.
“Ugh.. you just wouldn’t understand if I told you!” snapped Toriana.
Dad would never understand, she thought to herself. He never understood any of her problems, he definitely wouldn’t understand this. See, she was living a double life. Or something like that. Toriana was a lesbian, with a secret girlfriend whom she loved ever so dearly. How she made it work, she was not sure, but she did.
“Hi honey, how are you?” asked Janiva, Toriana’s lovely girlfriend, on the phone.
“I’m alright..I really want to tell dad that I am in love with you though.” replied Toriana.
Janiva fell quiet, processing what Toriana had just said.
“Well, you know that whatever you decide to do, I will always stand by your side Toriana.” She replied.
Suddenly, Toriana had an idea. She would ask her father if they could have a family dinner and she would invite Janiva over so they could tell her father, together! Excited, Toriana asked what Janiva thought about her idea, and she said it was a great idea.
Together, the two girls planned it all out on the phone that night. By the end of the night, it was decided that the following day, Toriana would ask her father about the dinner and they would invite all their family and friends. In the middle of supper, the two girls would tell everyone that they were in love and they would live happily ever after, or so they hoped.
The next day, Toriana went down to her father’s office and asked if they could have the dinner. It took some convincing, but he finally gave in and said yes. The two sat for hours discussing the menu, the date, and who they would invite. By the end of the day, it was settled that they would have their closest friends and family over for turkey dinner on the following Saturday. Immediately, Toriana ran back to her room and called Janiva to tell her the dinner was a go! The two girls were overwhelmed with excitement and stayed up all night, talking about exactly they would tell Toriana’s father.
The next day, Toriana snuck off to see Janiva so they could decide on outfits and plan what they would do after dinner. At the end of the day, Janiva drove Toriana home and they decided not to see each other until Saturday at the dinner. That meant they had exactly five days to prepare for the moment that would change their lives forever.

When Saturday finally came, Toriana was dying to see Janiva. She had told Janiva to come over around three that afternoon so they could help each other get ready. As soon as Janiva arrived, the two girls ran straight to Toriana’s bedroom. They jumped on the bed and Toriana curled into Janiva’s arms. Playing with her skinny little fingers, Toriana looked into her beautiful girlfriend’s eyes.
“Babe, I am a little nervous.” said Toriana.
Janiva sighed lightly and sat up, holding Toriana’s hands.
“Love, I am nervous too. But we just have to help each other get through this.” said Janiva.

Toriana knew Janiva was right, but she was still very uneasy. Something inside of her was telling her that this was not going to end well. Yet, she stood up and began to fix her hair for dinner with Janiva.

When the clock struck seven, the two walked side by side into the dining hall. They saw all of Toriana’s family and a few friends from school. The two found their seats near the end of the table, beside Toriana’s father. Hello’s were exchanged and little conversation was made before dinner was served. Everything was going just as the two young girls planned.

Finally the dinner was served and everyone was too busy chewing their turkey to talk. In the middle of the dinner, Toriana looked at Janiva and the two held hands and stood up. Toriana cleared her throat and everyone looked up from their plates.
“Uh, sorry everyone, but Janiva and myself have an announcement.” said Toriana.
Everyone at the oversized dining table was looking at the two girls. Toriana was frozen and Janiva had to had to push her to continue.
“Well…I know this going to be a shock…but..Janiva and I….are in love.”
The whole table dropped their forks, chins were all dropped to the floor.
“Wh-What are you talking about? You can’t be serious Toriana!” screamed her father.
“Yes, she is.” Replied Janiva, wrapping her arm around Toriana and kissing her pale pink lips.
Toriana giggled softly and looked her father in the eyes. She had never seen him so disappointed or confused in her life. She didn’t know what to say, so she sat back down and began eating once again.

After a few very long minutes of pure silence, King Dronad said “Janiva, I think it is time for you to leave.”
Immediately, Toriana jumped up and yelled at her father.
“No! Dad I am sorry, but I love her and if she leaves, I leave to!”
“Well I guess you are leaving! No daughter of mine will disgrace my family like this!” snapped her father.

Crying, Toriana grabbed Janiva’s hand and they ran to her bedroom. As quickly as possible, Toriana grabbed all her prized possessions and them in a little blue knapsack. When she was done, the two girls ran to Janiva’s car and drove like mad to the border. Janiva pulled over and kissed Toriana deeper than ever before.
“Why did you stand up for me?” she asked Toriana.
“Because I love you more than anything!” she replied.
Janiva fell speechless and the two climbed into the backseat of the convertible. Toriana curled into Janiva’s arms and they stayed there with smiles on their faces, watching the sunset. Finally they could be happy together and they didn’t have to hide their love anymore. Toriana no longer lived a double life and Janiva could finally show her love for Toriana, no matter where they were.

In the coming months, the two girls bought a small one bedroom apartment together and decided they would get married. Toriana lost all contact with her father and the rest of her family, but she didn’t mind. Janiva’s family was very accepting and they were all the family she needed. In the end, Toriana and Janiva lived happily ever after, in love.

The End

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