Dear Ty

August 29, 2012
Caroline was over at my house painting her nails a bright shade of Tangerine and I was painting mine a cool shade of mint green. The dark brown wooden floors felt cool on by bare legs. “So, are you exited to start college? I am. And I’m super pumped for all the hot guys there too!” She pretty much yelled. “Oh yeah, you bet I am” I said sarcastically. She shot me a look but I saw a smile creeping up. “Just kidding by the way” I said to make sure. “God Sage, we could have totally been roomies. But my roommate’s pretty cool too” Caroline smiled. “well maybe next year” She added. I gave her a subtle nod and looked down at my painted nails and then out the window. The sky was a particular shade of blue, strange. And then I remembered Ty. My ex-best friend . . . we used to stare at the sky for hours at a time, just looking at the formations of the clouds. And then he turned on me and it was all over in a second. One little argument that blew up and a life was lost. His life. He haunts me in my sleep sometimes but I try to ignore it. I can tell when he’s around and I really think he wants to talk to me. I want answers too so the feeling is mutual. Is that even possible? I know, I sound crazy but I promise, the signs are all there.

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