A Day in the Life

August 12, 2012
The alarm clock sounded. After a few less than pleasant beeps it stops. The light flicks on. He’s awake. Fear comes over me. I know what’s about to happen. I scan the room for places to hide but I can’t move. I’m frozen. I can hear him coming. As anticipated he ties me up, forces himself into me and hammers away. I was repeatedly sandwiched between him and the ground. My sole was breaking. There was a steady pounding that seemed to last for hours. I was soaked in his sweat. He slows down. I think he’s almost finished. He’s panting. He unties me and throws me into the corner like I’m garbage. I am garbage. I’m beaten up and raggedy. He deserves better than me. I sit there stunned; all I can do is wait for him to use me again tomorrow. I am Jack’s shoes.

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