The Loyalist

August 21, 2012
By LovelyLittleMischief BRONZE, Niagara On The Lake, Other
LovelyLittleMischief BRONZE, Niagara On The Lake, Other
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"I thought he was going to say 'I saw Olga, and she was being very naughty'" ~ Olga Nikolaevna

"Mia, I don't see why we still have king's and queen's it seems useless in today's society", Noah tossed a Diamond Jubilee Edition magazine back onto the shelf. This action upsets me deeply, it just goes to show how little our generation knows about loyalty.

"Noah, you know the story about Marie Antoinette and her husband, the king of the French right?", my deep green eyes narrowed in on his.

"Yea, she spent to much money on jewellery abandoning her people for luxury so they got her served on a silver platter", he laughed.

"That's not funny, but do you remember what happened after that?," He shook his brown head of hair still amused with his disturbing joke, "Nothing, that was the problem, nothing was solved, it just got worse, they made a scapegoat out of their own monarch and his wife for not working hard enough. Making long story short, they suffered even greater without their monarchy, therefore its useful in society." I positioned the magazine in a neater fix.

"Argument invalid, that was in the 1700's, open your eyes to today's world.", he teased me and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Alright, I see today's world. Right now I'm looking at Greece, they can barely consider themselves a part of Europe right now. Is it just a coincidence that their issues intensified after they forced their king and beautiful queen Anne Marie to abdicate? For give me for 'knowing better'.", I stuck my pointy nose in the air as he searched for an argument.

"Russia was just fine after they-", I cut him off.

"After they what", I said, "Murdered 5 innocent being's and their mother? Did you listen to Mrs. Krillic when she told us the Tsar was never to die in the first place? That he was waiting for a trial to see whether or not he was to remain in Russia. That it was Communism's early signs of failing that made Lenin a scared child with the itch to kill off his competition?", He sighed.

"The Tsar ignored his kingdom during the first world war", he said with a corky attitude.

"I'm sorry but if someone convinced me to command a world war I'd be more worried about the men protecting the boarders before worrying about what's within them. How can you protect the inside of an egg if the shell is damaged? If those Germans had invaded Russia then there would be no Russia today. The Romanov's would much rather brief poverty than nothing at all. I frankly would've done the exact same thing! Lenin would've made more money if he didn't spend his time snapping chicken neck's, he not once stepped into foreign land's to defend Russia. Instead he stayed at home feeling sorry for himself wondering why lazy him didn't get as much as soldiers did. He ruined everything by causing a rebellion that slowed down any chances of progress that the Tsar nearly had!", I raised my voice capturing the attention of other customers.

"But communism did make it better eventually", he argued obviously annoyed with me.
"Yes you are correct," I became stirred sarcastically, "I forgot that killing women and children for something as little as opinion was better! And that living under Queen Elizabeth II's reign having the freedom to criticize our government is far worse than not having that voice. My point is, if there isn't anything wrong with her Majesty than there shouldn't be need to change. Monarchy is our tradition whether we feel so or not. If we deprive ourselves from monarchy it will be lost forever, and forever losing tradition is losing a part of who we are."

An older woman looked as if she wanted to burst into applause she made her way next to me saying "My mother and father were sent to a concentration camp in Siberia when I was only five years old, I would never see her or him again, all of this was because I called the Tsar's eldest daughter, Olga, a beautiful and kind woman. For that communist official's accused my parents for having a bad influence on me, I, to this day do not understand how such thing's could be legal.", she shook her white curls and gave me a quick hug and made her way through the long isle.

"You want to go argue with that woman who lived through it? You want to go tell her communism made everything better?", at this point I was far more passionate than I dared to become. It is at this moment blossomed into a loyalist. People can feel free to tell me what they want but I'll just laugh at them. Society is changing but morals shouldn't ever. People complain when they are under a responsible monarch, but they never see how lucky we are. So many countries strive to have freedom from terrible government's and we sit here and complain about being able to dress up our head of state in beautiful family jewel's?

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after speaking to an elderly Russian woman who shared some sad events from her childhood. I didnt write this to change anyones perspective. I did write it however to open more mind's of one of today's hot topics "Do we need Monarchy in the 21st Century?" See what Mia has to say!

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