The Power of Will

August 14, 2012
By Paige Wilson BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
Paige Wilson BRONZE, Great Falls, Montana
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The Power of Will

"Okay class, quiet please, I SAID BE QUIET!" yelled Mrs. Keller impatiently. "I need your complete attention right, Thank you class, today we will all be partnering up for your final project which is 40% of your final grade, this is not to be taken lightly, it will be presented at a science fair with all the other seniors in your grade". To this there would normally be a huge groan from everyone, but nobody was paying any attention. Marie was too busy texting Jake about the big dance tonight. Eliza was painting her nails reviewing her already well-rehearsed plans for her hair for the dance. Zach and Andrew were too busy arguing about the basketball game last night. Quinn, Olivia, and Amy were whispering about a billion different ideas for the project, they just knew they were going to work together, no matter how much sucking up they had to do. "This isn't a project where you just get a partner; all 9 of you are to work together. Now split up and talk about some ideas for your group project. Then nobody knew anything about what was happening. "I think what that we should-" “That’s stupid, listen-". At first a jumble of words then escalading shouts that required the teacher to call the class to silent reading for the rest of the period. At lunch they met to decide when they would work on their project. "Why can't we meet tonight at work on our project tonight?" Olivia asked. “Well spaz, some of us actually have lives, we have dates to the hottest event of the year." sneered Eliza. "Shut up Eliza, I'm so sorry about her, she's just worried about the dance but how about we meet tomorrow?" asked Marie. The rest of the group nodded in unison, the plans were to meet tomorrow at 4 o'clock in the library.
"Now that we are all here we should start" said Marie cheerfully. At first everyone disagreed what the project should be but in the end they decided to go with Zach's proposal for making a portable proton kit. Chance heavily disagreed saying that the idea was already overdone. Quinn quickly shushed saying Zach was a genius for thinking of that.
"I think that we should keep it at mine, Olivia's, or Amy's house." said Quinn, sure of herself. "Actually I think that we should keep it at my house" said Marie sweetly. "I agree" yelled Chance. After a few awkward moments everyone else agreed tentatively. After they were done working Quinn and Chance walked home together. “Why didn't you stick up for me, lately you just do whatever Marie or Eliza says” Quinn yelled. “Oh yeah, what about you, your always sticking up for Zach and he's a complete idiot.” Chance argued back. “I am sick of you; your always fighting with me and making me look bad.” “Once again we are in “The Quinn Show" everything always has to be about you." They both groaned in annoyance and stomped away, mad at themselves and each other.
Every day it got worse, Marie and Eliza taking over; Jake and Andrew never did anything but talk about sports. Olivia, Amy, and Zach just got caught between Marie and Quinn. Quinn tried to no avail to get things back to the way they should be. Chance and Quinn were growing further apart, so Chance always agreed with Marie.
"Good Job everyone, Thank you for coming" Mrs. Keller said to a roomful of empty chairs, seeing as if you didn't have to go no one wanted to be there. Zach and Chance were waiting in the storage room with the project. When everyone walked into the room, they were shocked at what they saw. Chance was standing next to a smoking portable proton. “I...Zach broke...I was fixing..." Chance stammered trying to explain the sight. "I'm sorry kids, but with a broken project you are failing, there’s nothing I can do about it." Mrs. Keller said sorrowfully as she left the room. "This is your entire fault Quinn" Marie snapped “If you hadn't suggested Chance watch the project everything would have been all right." "This is not Chance's fault, it was an accident, and you just need to chill out." Quinn said soothingly. “Chill out, oh CHILL OUT! That’s your solution, he's the reason I'm now failing Science, the little freak ruined everything, it’s his fault not mine I shouldn't have to suffer because he's and idiot." Marie ranted. "Stop with the drama you need to grow up and stop blaming everyone else for your problems." Quinn spat back. "Let’s go Chance, we're better than them, we don't deserve this." Quinn ordered as they left the room. Zach started "Thanks so much Quinn, I know I haven't been the best friend ever but-". "What did you do" Quinn yelled. "What are you talking about" Zach asked
"In there” Quinn impatiently hinted. He said “but that wasn-" "What is your problem you creep! Why do you always have to go and ruin everything, all you had to do was sit there" Quinn seethingly said but to no avail. "I didn't ruin anything; I was trying to fix what Zach did. Go and figure you always stick up for him." Chance yelled back "He was trying to help, unlike you" "If I'm such a pain why don't I just leave" "Fine, leave, see if I care you wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for me". They both groaned in annoyance and stomped out of the room, not knowing what the future would hold.

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You have a real gift, you should never stop writing.

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