Revenge is best on you.

August 8, 2012
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It was Friday night, alone at last. The scoundrels, most commonly known as high schoolers, were out of sight and out of mind. There was 3 days until I had to see them again.
The first order of business was food. I opened the refrigeration as the door's suction was broken. Lemonade was my drink of choice. One cup and 4 ice cubes was all it needed. Next up, a movie. My fuzzy slippers slid across the wooden panels as I walk to the couch. My legs open, almost as wide as the girls at my school. The soft comforting cushions envelope my emotions as I grab a blanket. I seize the remote and turn the plasma on.
I wake up in the middle of the night on the couch due to sound I hear. I look to see what time it is, and the clock says 2:37 am. AM?! What is that ruckus this early in the morning. I go to the front door, since I live in a good neighborhood, and I get sprayed with shaving cream. The laughter is louder than my screech in my mind. I knew who this was by the sound by the sound of her Gucci boots. This villain was Vikki Lepont. She was with her three evil "bffs" and her on-again off-again boyfriend. They ran into the neatly trimmed bushes and squatted. I was standing there, in my blue slippers and bath robe covered in shaving cream. I knew that if I had called the cops, they would get back at me 300 times worse. Vikki's mother was a lawyer, and got her out of all her "troubling" matters. I knew that what I had to do, to really get them to stop, was revenge.
Since my best friend was my cousin, I planned this operation by myself. What items would I need to complete this task? Blueprints? No, if I were going to complete this to its best ability, I could have no proof that it was me. No trace, no evidence, no anything! It was all clear what I had to do. I was going to kill Vikki Lepont. Not just kill her, but murder her. At prom. This prom in 3 weeks. Before she receives her crown, and yes she will get that crown. Everyone knows it already.

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