August 7, 2012
By Anonymous


I will never forget the day I fell in love--twice. Okay. If you don't want to hear my cheesy romance, then stop listening/reading, and be on your way.

My life has always been simple and planned out. My father was the preacher in the most important church in our home town. He planned out my life perfectly: twelve years of private school, entry into Julliard for my "glorious" (his word) singing, then becoming a director for the choir at home. I liked my options, I was well aware of my choices, and I was okay with them.

Until Andy moved to town.

He was dead set on me noticing him at school and at church. He was one of those sweet, shy, smart kids. He would politely ask me to lunch, take me on a picnic, tuck random loose strands of hair behind my ear, hold my hand. He kissed me once, soft and sweet. Asking if that was alright.

And this is when the complications start.

Meet Sam. Charming, cool, and a complete rebel. Perhaps that is why I fell for him. He was the total opposite of Andy.

I fell in love with them both.

The both fell in love with me.


She is the most beautiful girl I've ever known. Beautiful, smart, and talented. What more could a guy ask for?

I believe in God. He is the creator, He is the reason I fell in love with Becca. He is also the reason why Sam fell in love with her. I want to believe that everything He does is for a good reason. But sometimes... I question Him. I question why He allowed Becca to fall in love with two boys, and why He allowed two boys to fall in love with her.

I know it is wrong of me to feel this way, for me to have feelings of hatred towards Sam, but I do. It is better to "love thy enemy" and whatnot, but at times, I feel as though Sam shouldn't exist, that maybe I would actually get a chance with Becca.

Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

And if it is, then why do I feel it?


Yes. Becca. I didn't know they would be asking questions about us so soon, but here goes.

She's hot. She's amazing. She's funny. She is cool. She's the kind of person that would ruin my reputation, mainly because she's the preacher's daughter.

The one thing that... Drew me to her? Um... Her ability to draw. Yes. Oh, that wasn't mentioned before? She loves to draw, but she never wants anything to do with it. She says that her father would "disapprove" of the things she'd rather do than sing. She hates singing. She wishes she hadn't been born with the ability to sing.

And, before you ask, yes, I love her.

And second thing, yes, I spray paint. Oh, that wasn't in the questions... Oh well.

That's how I discovered her talent for drawing. While Andy was taking her on picnics and whatnot, I was taking her out to be free and do what she wanted to do most--make art. She was amazing at it.

We've almost been caught... Six times? Yes. Six. But that's what makes the whole thing much more interesting.

I have nothing to say about Andy. He's a religious nut, that's for sure. But other than that? He actually might be better for her than I am. But guess what? At least I can make her laugh and have fun, while he makes her sing and pretend to be happy at church.

No, I don't go to church.

But my mom does, and oh boy, she has a lot of stories to tell about their random romance moments.

We have kissed... Three times. She's amazing at it. I think those were the few times when I actually had butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms, and felt like I was going to pass out from being so close to her. And she was always the one to make the first move!

Well... I have homework and stuff to do, so... Bye!

The author's comments:
I was just really bored when I decided to write this. It was almost like an interview with the last point of view...
I hope people will find something entertaining in the different point of views from a love triangle.

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