The King, the Alpha, the Victor.

July 30, 2012
By BlindlyLaughing BRONZE, Markham, Other
BlindlyLaughing BRONZE, Markham, Other
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I forced my fist to fit snuggly under his jaw and it was amusing to see the amount of power I had over him. It was survival of the fittest, except there was no fight, no battle, just a ten minute knock down for me to re-announce my name before the bell rings. Blood rushed as though it were an electric current through a river bank, I could squat him like a fly, or better yet leave my size eight footprint on his angelic face. I pieced through his eyes and the sense of fear that boiled off of him, comforted me once again. I couldn’t rub off the anger I felt every time I had looked at his pathetic face, it was the same anger that had pushed me to extend my arm one vertebrate at a time.
Those words, it reminded me of yesterday, or shall I say the past five year ever since my mother died.
Wasting away his cash, papered value, on the bottles that intoxicated him within minutes, my father came home in this sluggish state every day. I heard his footstep across the hall and my muscles tightened I knew what was coming; it was a routine that I knew like the back of my hand. He barged in the door, his feet rooted in the cracked steps and his fingers loosely placed around the rim of the glass bottle. I felt his stares burn into my back and I tried my hardest not show how weak I’ve become. He began to rant about something that I had little interest in, whether it was the food, the bills, or even the room being a mess. While he went on, I waited for the monster to break lose.
“TURN AROUND WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU!” My father shouted throwing the bottle on the ground. I looked at him with the same eyes he had inherited me with; I had no more tears to spare, he yelled and screamed, as I pushed myself farther away from his reach.
“I GAVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU! WHY?...WHY!!” He always ended off his tantrums with that. Before I could even look up, I felt a hard push across my face. I was unable to catch myself from falling; my nerves and joints had lost their ability to protect me and the dark abyss that I fell into left me with bruises and marks in the morning after.
The sharp ring of the bell pulled me back, and everyone that watched scattered to their classes, leaving me alone. I wasn’t weak, not here, everyone feared me. I will always be the king, the alpha, and the victor.

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