A Modern Tale on Teen Loneliness

July 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Let me tell you a story about modern day loneliness that involves teens every day even though we may not see it. Logan is a very slim, tall, gentle boy who has very low self esteem he is so use to walking with his head always facing his feet that his back has a curvature to it, he is about 13 years old. Logan used to be a little over weight and was constantly the source of ridicule. Logan has a very loving family who lives in a rural area and his parents are always trying to protect him from people .His parents are both professional people and they worry about Logan all the time, they don’t understand that they can’t fix everything for him. The damage is very evident; as Logan gets older he gets thinner and is not the geeky awkward boy he used to be. Logan’s family decides to move to a new city and Logan goes to a new school and there he is accepted, but Logan isn’t a very trustworthy person and has a hard time making friends. He spends most of his time at home, he never goes out with friends to the movies or anything; he enjoys playing video games with most of his time. He has a loving family but yet he feels alone.

Jasmine is a very popular girl at school she is active in all the sports and committees at school, she is always going out with her girlfriends and having sleep over’s with her friends but yet internally she feels alone. She feels like she has to portray to people who they want her to be and is always worried about being liked and pleasing people. Jasmine is a very strikingly beautiful girl, tall and quite tiny and petite, with long black hair and stunning blue eyes. Jasmines family is very busy with working, her parents are both quite active in the community and a professional people they are always encouraging her to do new things and try out for this and that. They don’t see her insecurities even though they eat dinner together every night at the dining table. Jasmine spends a lot of time in her room constantly feeling alone and that no one understands her insecurities.

Logan goes to his new school and is smitten with a girl he first see’s in the hallway at school, he wants badly to meet her but feels like he wouldn’t even have a chance talking to this beautiful girl. He tries to find the courage to talk to her when he sees her in line at the cafeteria but when he goes to introduce himself he fumbles for the words and turns and walks away feeling bad about his self. Jasmine seen they way Logan was walking with his head down and felt bad about the awkward moment they had just had so she went and found Logan and introduced herself and explained that she was approachable and she wanted to be his friend, really on the surface these two would not be typically accepted as being friends and hanging out but Jasmine doesn’t really care she is tired of trying to be what everyone wants her to be so Jasmine invited Logan to just go hang out, Logan nervously accepted.

Jasmine and Logan go out that Friday evening and head for the arcade where they play some skeet ball, arcade games, and they play some foosball. They then decide to get something to eat as they are eating their pizza Logan says to Jasmine, “I am having so much fun being out of my house and having you to talk to”. Jasmine wonders why he would say that so she asks Logan,” What do you mean Logan?” Logan explains how extremely lonely his life has been not having anyone to talk to and sometimes the pain is more than he thinks he can take and he tell Jasmine he knows she wouldn’t understand because she is so popular and is always surrounded by friends at school. Jasmine explains to Logan that even though she may have tons of friends she too often feels lonely and like no one understands her and how bad it hurts her and how scary that can be. Logan is quite surprised by that he doesn’t understand how someone that is so popular can feel lonely when she is surrounded by friends. Jasmine feels like she can be herself when she is with Logan and Logan is happy to have a friend that understands him, they make a pact that night that if either of them is feeling lonely they will call each other or use Face Book to chat. They spend the rest of the night riding rides, playing games, telling stories and laughing and feel like they have each made a lifelong friend. When Logan goes home that night he tells his mother he thinks he just met his best friend forever and maybe if he was lucky enough his future wife.

They go thru high school being each other’s friend, they hang out with each other all the time they become inseparable. They often laugh about how very different they are from one another and how their friendship was built out of both of them being two lonely people years ago. They graduate high school and they go to the same college and remain friends, funny how loneliness can bring all different types of people together no matter their social classes the only thing that mattered was they both took a chance on getting to know one another and realized they may come from two different types of back grounds but they both experienced loneliness in a different way. To this day they remain friends actually even more than that, after graduating college the beautiful Jasmine and the not so geeky looking Logan decided to get married and have two beautiful children and are quite happy and have never felt lonely since they night they went out when they were both just thirteen years old, funny how fate works sometimes isn’t it?

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