musi-kal of the world

July 31, 2012
By Anonymous

I wanted to know what everyone thought was so great about music. I just didn't realize that I would get so wrapped up in it. And even worse, end up here.
I started with the radio. Moving from Pandora to the obvious Youtube. Everything I listened to had a story, a backround, a meaning. Soon even the music I found hard to listen to, began to swirl around in my head.
My grades dropped, my mind wandered. Always following the music. The classed stared at me. The teacher stared. I had started singing. The principal's office? no. The guidance office. Walking into the white boxed in office my counselor smiled. "Your teacher called from the classroom. Come in," Nothing he said after that entered my world of understanding. A cacophony of multiple songs playing at a time were singing through my head. It was wonderful and deafening all at once.
"what?" all the music stopped.
"there is a concert this weekend and Ms. Anthony thinks you would make a wonderful contribution,"
"no...I don't sing..." that's what I wanted to say. But he didn't give me time.
Mr. Pickering was waiting in the chorus room after school. The voice of an angel.
"what?" I zoned out again.
"I said you have the voice of an angel,"
"s***," I muttered. Two days later and I was standing on the stage in front of three hundred people, singing a song that I had composed...or was supposed to have composed. I was composing it on the spot "Somedays I see, Behind the eyes of he who, never really came into this world, and sometimes, I feel a little to far from the wheel and, I am losing control, My feet can barely reach, the pedals," by the end of the song everyone was cheering.
I hated it. But what I hated it even more was the scout. The scout that talked to my parents and, without my permission, signed a contract with them, to have me do a world tour.
All because my curiosity to be like a normal teenager, and listen to music got to me. I'm now even more abnormal than before...

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