July 24, 2012
By Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
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I am an individual, my own distinctive self, with my own identity. I am like a snowflake that is different from all others, with abilities and talents, emotions and opinions, ideals and beliefs, all shaped into a pattern never seen before
I am my own person, with my own way of showing affection and my own way of showing the feelings I have.
I don’t react to situations the same as other people, and I don’t expect them to react in the same way I do. My uniqueness is what makes me the person I am. I don’t want to be exactly like the person next to me.
I have ideas, feelings, and opinions that are my very own. I am happy to share these parts of me with my friends, but I don’t ever expect them to take them for their own. They too, have feelings and opinions, and these are what makes each of them a separate being.
If every person had the same mind and the same way of doing things, there would be no fun in meeting new people and making new friends.
There would be no challenge in life to give and take in order to get along with other people. We would all think and act the same, sort of like robots.
The world is an interesting place to live mostly because of all the different people that live in it. We must remember that each person living here had abilities and talents and ideas different form our own. Yet, because they are not like our own, does not mean they are wrong.
Each of us is entitled to be different opinion about a topic and it is nice to share our opinions, but it is wrong to force them on another individual.
Individual is the important word here. It is something that describes each of us. They may be a part of us that is close to another person, but there are still more parts completely different. Each of these parts put together form a whole, a unique, distinct individual.
Never try to be exactly like another person. You are loved for being you. For standing up for your thoughts and ideas and being individual. You are your own person. Love yourself for what you are and others will love you, too

The author's comments:
Be your self. Not the person you want to be. <3

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