Life Is A Part Of Learning

July 25, 2012
Part of living life and part of growing up, is learning to accept the different barriers and obstacles life brings.
I would be nice if we could go through life only having good things happen to us. It would be a lot easier than accepting responsibilities and learning how to deal with the not-so-good breaks in life.
Yet, by never having to cope with a bad situation, or never having to resolve a fight with a friend or someone in your family, you would be lesser of a person.
Every time you face a bad situation and make it through it, you’ve learned something.
You’ve found a part of yourself you may not have known existed. You grow inside each time you triumph over a new situation.
And if you didn’t handle it right and didn’t resolve is, then you’ve learned that the next time something like that comes up, you’ll handle it in a new way.
You have to accept the challenges life gives toy, and use the knowledge you have stored up, to overcome them.
It is very hard for a child to understand when his mother is explaining to him that people have to make mistakes in life to learn. She tries to tell him that just because he did something incorrectly he isn’t a failure, with each mishap that occurs and with each incident in his like that doesn’t turn out exactly how he wanted, he grows and learns and becomes a more knowledgeable, understanding person.
Mistakes and bad happenings in our lives can give us feelings and abilities we may not otherwise have known.
They give us compassions for our fellow human beings. When we see someone else in a situation we have experienced, we can understand and feel for him
We gain tolerance. We learn that life is not going to be perfect and that we have to have patience and tolerance to get through the bad times and on to the good.
They give us knowledge. As I said before, we learn something new and wonderful with each situation we confront.
We you hear an older person say that he has had a good life; it doesn’t mean every part of his life was perfect. He means he had bad parts along with the good, and that he made it through, usually a wiser person.
So, remember, if we accept the sunshine and rainbows, we must also accept some thunder and lightning.

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