"Love, Don’t Forget To Bleed Slowly"

July 25, 2012
By GillianSaysRAWR BRONZE, Piscataway, New Jersey
GillianSaysRAWR BRONZE, Piscataway, New Jersey
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The small whimper of snow being crushed under their shoes was the only sound heard.
His hand was in hers and she followed him to the back of the building. It was as if they had walked into Narnia, the crisp white snow covered everything in sight. They stopped walking and it was silent, the dogs that usually barked next door were inside, and only the wind rustled through their ears.

He looped his arm around her waist and pulled her into him. She lightly sighed, and hugged him. There was a quick moment before he began thrusting his hips against hers. Thoughts fought back and forth in her head, she knew that this was going to happen, but why did she come with him? The thoughts wrestled and she did nothing about his hands moving around her freely.

They both felt nothing. No love, no lust. Nothing. To him, he was just getting a quick fix. To her, she was being violated, but she knew there was nothing she could do. He was too strong for her, and he knew that. The voices in her head told her to push him away as his hands began twisting around in her bright red hair. Soon enough, she was pushed up against the wall and a soft kiss was pressed on her cheek. The silent hum of the cars on the road behind them filled the air, and his thrusts became harder.

Her arms slid from his shoulders, and he looked up. A mix of surprise and anger filled his eyes. She quickly lifted her leg and kicked him. He stumbled a little, but soon caught his balance. His hands curled into fists and he logged one into her stomach. She fell to her knees; she knew that something like this was going to happen. He found a sharp piece of ice on the ground, and smiled devilishly as he picked it up. Her eyes went wide, and she sighed, accepting the fact that this was it.

He took the icy knife and slid it across her stomach, causing her to scream in pain. He thought that someone would come, but no one did. With one more cut to her arm, he left her there, where she sat and bled away slowly.

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