Who I Am Chapter 3

July 23, 2012
By wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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Chapter 3:Lilith
I wasn't paying attention as I walked down the hall. I flicked my tongue, clicking my tongue piercing against my teeth as I thought about the female, Jinx. She really was cute, adorable when she smiled, and she seemed nice too.

I stopped at my locker and put my backpack in it. I jumped as a large hand slammed into the locker door above my head. "Hello, Miss Nyx." a cocky voice said behind me. Oh, just great.

I turned around and glared at the school's star quarterback. "What in Hades do you want, Kruz?"

"What? I can't get a polite hello in return?" He brought one of his beefy hands to my face, one finger tracing my jaw. I jerked my head away and tried to step around him. He just stepped back in my way.

"You're not getting anything polite from me, Kruz, now /move/." I gave him a hard shove but it barely affected him.

He grabbed my wrists before I could bring them back toward me, and pulled me close to him, "Oooh. I think you got feistier over the summer."

"No. This is just me getting angry about you being a dumb***," I spat at him.

He opened his mouth to reply but was cut off. "Kruz."

We both turned our heads and saw Jinx standing there, her arm full of books. Kruz let go of me and I backed up. "Why hello. If it isn't Jinx Radolf. Is it me or did you get shorter?" Kruz grinned.

Jinx gave a big smile. I could see it was fake 'cuz it didn't reach her eyes. Aaaah, so pixie's putting on the charm. "Nah," she spoke up, "You're just getting bigger from all that football practice." Kruz ran his hand through his short blond hair, making his muscles flex. From behind him, I rolled my eyes, which caused Jinx to giggle and really smile. 'Course, 'big-man' Kruz thought it was her admiring him. Big head.

"So Jinx-"

She cut him off again, "It was nice seeing you, Kruz, but Lilith and I need to go to the office to get our new schedules. Later." She walked around him and I fell in step beside her.

"Thanks." I said when we were out of his earshot. "That was nice of you, but I didn't need saving."

She shrugged, a small smile still on her face. "Oh, I know. I was merely....," She turned to smirk at me, "giving some assistance."
Yes! Last class! Gym class. One of my favorite classes in school. When I did my scheduling for this year, I didn't want to go to one of the regular, half-year, gym classes, so I signed up for a full-year class I knew would be in the pool ninety-nine percent of the time. I just loved swimming.

The girls' locker room was filled with the sound of lockers slamming, clothes rustling, and girls chattering away. I was the first one changed and in the pool room, sitting on the edge, swishing my feet in the heavily chlorinated water.

A few other girls came out and sat further down, closer to the guys. I looked over at the girls' door just as a certain someone came through. The top half of her short hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her tank-top and shorts gone, replaced by a very cute black bikini. She looked around, looking for someone familiar, spotted me, and slowly came over. "M-mind if I sit next to you?" she asked quietly.

I shrugged with one shoulder, "Nah, go ahead." She sat.

It was quiet between us for a few seconds, "Lilith, right?" she asked.

I nodded. "And you're Jinx." It was quiet again, both of us swishing our feet. The gym teacher came in and blew his whistle (which echoed on the tile and made us all cringe) and started giving orders.

"Find a partner! They'll be your partner for the rest of the year, so choose wisely! Then grab some fins and do warm-up laps! Go!"

Jink turned toward me, cutely biting her lower lip. "Um...do you mind being my partner?"

I shrugged with one shoulder again,"Nah. It's fine with me."

She perked up, giving a grin. "Great! Let's go get the flippers then."

The author's comments:
If you like this, please comment, because I hope to finish this and get it published. I'm hoping it becomes one of those books that gets praise because it covers a topic that is a 'problem' these days-mainstreaming homosexuality. I support it and I want others to understand.

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