Heart Ache

July 20, 2012
Heart ache is a pain that borrows deep inside you, the pain that reaches the heart and shreds it into a million pieces, the pain that knocks you to your knees and brings tears to your eyes. There’s no way to beat it, because it stops you dead in your tracks, forcing you into the darkness, drowning you in it, while it smiles in your face, getting pleasure from your sadness a grief.

Only time heals the ache, because the dark creature grows tired of its torturous games, and throws you aside to move onto another poor, defenceless, madly in love, person, but it waits for you. It never strays to far from your shadow, always keeping constant watch, waiting for another chance. Even if you try to run, it’ll still be there, laughing in your face.

Marriage, and long relationships is a way to avoid the cruel creature temperately, but even those relationships come to an end. Death, differences, and divorce separates us from the ones we once loved, and the cruel creature returns like a lost puppy, inviting itself into your life, without permission, and taking over…

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Vagabond said...
Jul. 26, 2012 at 6:09 am
Beautifully written!!
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