Absent From the Home

July 12, 2012
By Amber Love BRONZE, Arcola, Mississippi
Amber Love BRONZE, Arcola, Mississippi
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Ricardo Johnson is a typical twelve-year-old boy living in Atlanta, Georgia with his single mom. His mom and dad got divorced when he was only six years old because his dad had an affair with the secretary that worked in his office. He moved out to find his own place, which is four hours away so Rico barely spends time with his father. Rico and his mom lived in College Park in a beautiful three-bedroom brick house with a swimming pool and patio area. Their home is just as wonderful as the Kardasians’ mansion. They have the perfect pad to host family gatherings.

The sun beams hot everyday in Atlanta’s summers. It especially gets heated when several of people get involved in altercations and arguments. This particular June day Rico and his mom were discussing where he should be while his mom went away for the weekend.

Rico had followed his mom into their stainless steel kitchen. “Mom, can I say at Ricky’s house while you’re gone?” asked Rico excitedly walking around the island.
“I don’t think so sweetheart,” she replied.
“But Mom, why not?!” he asked frustrated already.
Mom said calmly, “ Because I said so.”
“Okay. So you can go away for the weekend to have fun with your friend but I can’t have fun with mine? That’s stupid!” he said as he slammed the juice carton on the counter.
“It’s not like that Ricardo,” Mom explained to her son using his real name and cleaning up the spilt juice he wasted. “ Twelve year old boys can get into a lot, especially unsupervised. It is not guaranteed that Ricky’s parents are going to be home, you know they have jobs working long hours on weekends. Besides, the girls and I have been planning this trip since last year.”
“Ugh! This is so unfair! I can’t ever have any fun or do what I want!” shouted Rico.
“Aw Rico, you’ll have plenty of fun at Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Joe’s house hanging out with your cousins.”
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

Rico has been growing up without a father and his relationship with his mother has been rocky. She doesn’t understand where he’s coming from being a boy becoming a young man without having that father figure around to enlighten him about manly stuff. On the other hand, he cannot relate to a single woman raising a growing boy all by your self. Maybe one day they will see each other’s struggle and realize communicating effectively and more often will help make their situations easier to cope with.

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