July 11, 2012
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Last year, Joseph was on a marvelous cruise. The cruise was originally going to Costa Rica, but instead it landed on an island seven miles east of Costa Rica. Joseph thought the island was beautiful. He loved the spring like climate, the trees, the smell of fruits, and the exquisite sea. He told other tourists that the island made him feel jubilant. So he decided to explore the island. He saw bananas trees, apple trees, pear trees, and grape vines. “I wish I could buy this island.” he said to himself. After minutes of exploring the island, he saw the cruise leaving. He started panicking and screamed loudly, “You’re leaving me.”

Joseph felt like a homeless puppy, he had no one on the island with him. He had no shelter, and nothing but fruits to eat. After realizing the cruise wasn’t coming back, Joseph decided to build a shelter. He discovered a place where there are trees with a variety of leaves to cover him from the rain. Then he got some leaves and placed them on the ground; where he laid like a bed. At night he wept because he’s homesick and misses his family.

He wept himself to sleep, and woke up to the bright sun. He was still moaning like a baby in pain. He stuffed himself with grapes, apples, pears, and bananas. He then noticed the coast guard’s boat passing by. “Help! Help! Help!” he screamed loudly. The coast guard heard his screams and sailed on the island’s shores. The coast guards rescued Joseph and transported him to back to the United States. After returning home, Joseph bought the island for $4 million. He built an house on the island, and visits it every year.

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