The "110%" On Her Wrist

July 9, 2012
By Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
Krazy.Katie GOLD, Sparks, Nevada
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"Give it your 110% nothing less always more" he told her.  Her oldest brother told her this when  she told him that  she was trying out for the schools volleyball team. Tomorrow was the second try out and she was scared as h*ll.  Before she went to sleep that night she wrote 110% on her wrist so she could do her best the next day. She woke up the next morning to her parents screaming and fighting. As she tried to stop them from arguing her dad hit her across the face. After she was done crying and trying to cover up the mark on her face she walked to school. On her walk to school she dried the tears and held her head high hoping no one would ever notice what had happened. She walked into the office to grab her tardy slip. " you're late and this is your third tardy this week... Detention at lunch missy" said the office lady. She nodded and walked off to class with a tear trickling down her face. When she got to class everyone stared at her like she had just committed  a crime. She sat down in the back of the class and cried. Her friends asked of everything was ok and she always said " I'm perfectly fine" with a fake smile on her face. The rest of the day was the same... Sitting in back of the class either crying or looking down at the assignment in front of her with out doing any work. At one point in the day she went to the girls bathroom to wipe away some tears when one of the girls came out of the stall and flat out said everything she thought was wrong with her.  At the end of the day the girl got on her volleyball clothes and headed for the gym  to go to try outs. As she was about to open the gym doors she wiped away her last tear. She caught a glimpse of something on her wrist. 110% she smiled and thought of what her brother said and did it. She gave it her 110% that night even though she was really 10% She made the volleyball team and did the best she could at all of her games... She even won the scoring point on one game. She now everyday writes 110% on her wrist. It's a reminder to her that even though it maybe hard you will always get what you want if you give it your 110% 

The author's comments:
"give it your 110% nothing less always more"

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