July 8, 2012
It was afternoon in the cosy little house where the Fischers lived when it happened.The date was the 28th of July and incidentally , it was a Sunday.The location was a little town called Blackhorn.

Mr.Fischer switched on the television to watch the football game like he would on any other day. Mrs.Fischer was in the kitchen , preparing lunch for her family. Their daughter was in her bedroom , doing some homework for school the next day.

Just then , the doorbell rang .The time on the clock was 12:35 pm. Mr. Fischer went to open the door . As expected , it was Ms.James ,their widowed neighbour whom they had called over for lunch. Mr.Fischer called Ms.James inside and went to switch off the television. A fatal mistake , as it turned out. Everyone was summoned to the table and lunch was served. After a hearty meal , Ms.James took leave of the Fischers , who decided to have their afternoon siesta.

When Mr.Fischer woke up , he felt that something was not right. He decided not to wake up his family and went outside to the little store opposite his place to check on the news. Strangely , he found the store empty. Mr.Fischer then wandered onto the main road of Blackhorn , and surprisingly , encountered no one. Suspecting that something strange had occurred , he returned to his home . As he opened the front door, his phone started ringing. Mr.Fischer answered and discovered , to his surprise , that it was his mother who had called. When he asked her what the issue was, she asked if his family was safe. He answered positively on that note , and asked for the reason of his mother's inquiry. His mother told him that she had seen a storm warning issued for Blackhorn and an immediate evacuation was ordered for the surrounding area. Mr.Fischer felt his hand go numb with fear and he dropped the phone. Recovering , he went and woke up his wife and told them they had to leave immediately.

The Fischers were out of their house within five minutes and into their pickup truck. They could see the hurricane in the distance , and it truly was a terrific sight to behold. Mr.Fischer immediately put his foot on the pedal and the truck started up. They made their way to the main road and were halfway down the road to the nearest city when disaster struck. Mr.Fischer had forgotten to refill the petrol tank in his truck. Without fuel , the family had no option but to get down and make their way to the nearest city on foot.The hurricane was catching up to them.

The next morning , police officials recovered three bodies on the main road of Blackhorn. The bodies were identified to be those of the Fischers. They were killed by a tree falling onto them due to the massive winds produced by the hurricane. In the official enquiry as to the cause of these deaths , technicians replied that the storm warning and evacuation orders were broadcast as soon as the details were available to them. This had happened at 12:45 pm. Going through the local television service provider's logs , the last time the Fischers had ever switched off their television was 12:35 pm.

Poor Mr.Fischer . Had he not switched off his television ten minutes too early , he and his family would have survived. On a totally unrelated side note , the hurricane which had claimed their lives was named 'Irelia'. Irelia had claimed her first victims.

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