Valeries Reality

June 30, 2012
By musiclovewriting PLATINUM, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
musiclovewriting PLATINUM, Harrodsburg, Kentucky
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Monday: My name is Valerie Huffman. I am e senior in high school. I live in New York City with my mother and father. One word to describe me is lonely. I am a distant person and I do not have many friends. Last night my mother told me I had one day to move out of the apartment. I had no clue where to go. i was on my own like always. I went to schools this morning feeling sick to my stomach when the scene from last nights' fight became vivid in my mind. i wanted to erase it but I couldn't help to remember my mothers' hand come crashing down onto my face.

Tuesday: i was in class today and the teacher yelled at me for sleeping in class, but what that teacher didn't know was that i had zero amount of sleep last night trying to find somewhere to stay, trying to find a home! I had nowhere to go.

Wednesday:I ended up sleeping at a shelter last night. When I arrived at school i got really sick. I threw up everywhere in first hour. All the students laughed at me but what they didn't know was that i had not ate anything since Monday and I was living in a shelter.

Thursday: Today when i arrived at school i knew i had to do something about my current situation, and i needed the help so i went straight to the office to ask them if I could talk with them but every single employee in that room was completely oblivious of my appearance. I ended up going into the bathroom crying my eyes out.

Friday: I was having trouble eating at the shelter because of the long line for the food and their food was disgusting. I hated this place so badly and no one even cared I was here. i am lost in this world and all I need is love.

Saturday: i woke up in a hospital bed and a doctor in front of me. he told me that i was in a lethal condition and I had fainted at the shelter. I felt a vibration go up my spine. I was scared. I didn't know what to do and there wasn't much I could do. He told me I had failure of the kidneys, and that I wouldn't last for the night.

Sunday: "Did you hear about Valerie?"; "Yes that is sad, I cannot believe what her reality was"; " Well at least she doesn't have to deal with it anymore".

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