Prosthetic Life

June 29, 2012
By Anonymous

I felt my friends and team mates grabbing my arm to save me but it was too late. “Isaac, are you okay?” one of my team mate called out. He was all blurry but he had blond hair. I heard sirens coming.
After 5 hours, I woke up and scanned the unseen room; no one was there. I sat up more, I thought about the hooky game. I wondered if that was even real… but still; I’ve never even seen this room before.
Suddenly I heard voices, one sounded like my mom’s. I could kind of make out what she was saying. Something like “is he okay? Good, I’m glad!” they walked into my room.
“Hi honey, how are you?” she softly said as she rubbed my head.
“Where am I?” I said weekly.
“You’re in the hospital.” She whispered.
“Why?” I questioned.
She hesitated then said “you fell in the hockey game hard on your leg. We’re getting you a replacement.” She frowned and stood up.
“I’m the doctor; your replacement will be ready in a few days.” I read his name tag. It read “DR. ZHING.”
It was now almost midnight. I kept thinking about what DR. Zhing said about the replacement for my leg. I didn’t even what that replacement; ii won’t look normal. I finally went to sleep.
When I woke up, my team mate, Ryan was there. He whispered “hey buddy, guess what?” he held up the leg replacement. “DR. Zhing will be in shortly to put it on.” At that very moment when he said that, I couldn’t feel my left leg.
I asked “Ryan? What happened to my left leg?”
Still whispering he said “when you were in the ambulance, they put medicine on it so it would heal itself off within 24 hours because it was so swollen that it wasn’t going to heel and still be on now.”
The DR. came in 1 ½ hours later. He adjusted it to just the right size! He said “how do you like it?”
I replied “I like it.” But I didn’t really like it. Like I said, it won’t look normal.
The next day I went home. When I got there, a colorful banner over my bed said “welcome home!” I lay on my large, blue bed and thought about how I would do hokey now that I had a pretend left leg.
I limped to my computer and started typing “how to play hockey when you have a pretend leg?” A bunch of results came up. 1 caught my eye. It stated “you just have to retrain yourself. As they say; practices makes perfect.” Now, that I could get myself to do!

The next few days after school, I played and swung the stick.
One day, Ryan announced “there will be a hockey game on Friday, December 20, 20011. Isaac should come!”
The whole team cheered. I can’t let them down after all, I did retrain myself.
On that night, it was time for the huge game. I and my team got onto the ice to win. The first half of the game was unbeatable for the other team! The second however, was unconquerable for us.
At the end of the game, we got the points. We went to friendlies and celebrated. We sang our cheer.
On Christmas Eve day, I went to the hospital to have therapy. DR. Zhing asked “how is everything, Isaac?”
I responded “good. I retrain myself to play hockey again!”

He said “great! Have an awesome Christmas see you next year!” I said you too!
As DR. Zhing said, I’m having an awesome Christmas.

For now on, I’ve been a famous hockey player just because of my left leg!
Some facts about Isaac: Isaac got his replacement when he was 15, he is now 19. DR. Zhing was not real, I just made him up. Isaac isn’t real, nor is his friends, team mates. This is a made up story, but it can be real.

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