My Perfect Life

July 3, 2012
By BelieveInLove BRONZE, Silvis, Illinois
BelieveInLove BRONZE, Silvis, Illinois
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Brytah Williams is the same as any Sophomore who moves across the country with only one parent. Once she gets to her new school people notice that she isn't the tallest. They also notice how she is like a golden brown skinned girl with auburn hair and blonde streaks.
Brytah's whole point of view on the school changes when she meets Jace. A 6 foot tall guy with short, curly, blonde hair and crystal, icy blue eyes is the best way to describe Jace Bailey. Brytah loves how he is so different from everyone else but she can't name what is different.

Chapter 1: My First Day
Walking up to my new school, everyone is looking at me like a freak. Everyone here has light colored hair and there are a few people with dark hair. I think everyone is staring at my auburn hair with natural blonde streaks. People always questioned that I dye my hair but it is all natural.

Once I got into the school, I was positive all eyes were on me. I admit, with most people being five foot three and up, it wouldn't be hard to notice a girl at the height of five foot one. At my locker there was an amazingly cute guy who I am guessing is about six foot even. I noticed he had bleached blonde, short, curly hair. At a glance, I saw that his eyes were a crystal, icy blue eyes.

Before I could say anything, he was gone. "Why?" I sighed, "I just had to be the shy girl."

When I walked to my first period from my homeroom, I ran into him. He mumbled something when I shyly whispered, "Sorry, didn't see you."

I really think it was good that my mum and I moved here only a few weeks into the school year... Too bad we moved across the country from San Diego, California all the way to Atlanta, Georgia. I hadn't been listening to the class discussion until Mr. Parkers was repeating, "Excuse me, miss?"

"Oh, sorry , what?" I asked looking confused. Everyone laughed for some odd reason. "What is so funny?"

A random guy in my class at the time yelled, "Wow, you're funny AND a short newbie!"

I instantly wanted to punch his face in. "What did you ask Mr. Parkers? I'm sorry,, I wasn't paying attention."

Slowly, he said, "What is your first and last name and where did you move here from?"

"My name is Brytah Williams. I moved here from the sea side in a small town outside of San Diego, California."

Instantly after I said 'California' people started to whisper about me. GREAT I thought FIRST DAY AND I AM ALREADY THE TALK OF MOST OF THE SOPHOMORES HERE. I wished I could disappear. Instead of disappearing, I zoned out and I didn't come back until someone set a note on my desk.

I quickly unfolded the neatly pressed slip of paper. The note read:

Hey Brita,

I'm Jace... turn around and I will wave. -XO

I casually turned around and forgot I had my huge frame glasses on. It was the crystal, icy blue eyed guy. I waved back kind of hesitantly. That was when I realized he was laughing at my glasses. I quickly whipped my head forward to hide my face.

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