First Flight

June 25, 2012
By Fembot BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Fembot BRONZE, Pembroke Pines, Florida
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I was nervous about getting on a plane for the first time. I had only been to Georgia once, but I was four, so it doesn’t count. Or atleast I don’t think it counts because I cannot remember it. We drove the entire way. Now at 14 years old, I was getting my first chance to ride on a plane, and I would be by myself.
My godfather, who also happens to be my oldest cousin, is getting married in California. California was practically another world away. I would have to catch a plane to Fort Worth, Texas, then from there to Fresno. The night before my trip I charged my camera, my iPod, packed my new favorite book, The Hunger Games, and a snack, just in case. I was so excited I could not sleep properly. I would be missing two whole days of school to go to California.
I woke up twenty minutes before my alarm and immediately got ready. By 9:30am I as waiting in line to be checked in. My mom kept asking me questions, “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” “Do you know which exit to get off” “Did you remember to pack extra underwear?” Yes! I wanted to yell. Instead I assured her for the hundredth time that I was 14, not 10. When we had gotten past the point where she could no longer accompany me, she refused to let go. “Mom,” I said embarrassed, “I have to go, I’ll be fine. I promise to call you every time I land.” This seemed to make her happy. She smiled and walked back, turning around to make sure I was still there with every few feet.
I let out a deep breath; California was only a few hours away. I sat where everyone else was waiting, keeping my head up trying to look older; I was riding a plane by myself. When my seat number was called I couldn’t stop smiling. The attendant looked at me funny but said “Enjoy your flight”. I knew I would.
When the plane landed and I rushed to find my connecting route I could not have been happier to see the ground. It was miserable on that plane riding in coach with the old lady who wouldn’t stop telling stories and children who wouldn’t stop crying. I called my mom and waited a full three minutes before I could mumble out a word. “Yes, I’m in Dallas. It’s really…big” I said. My mother didn’t let me off the phone for another five minutes but I don’t really remember what she was saying. I was amazed by the massiveness of the airport. The floors were shiny and everything looked so clean.
Once on the plane again, I forgot about the discomfort of sitting in-between two people and the watered down coke I was offered. I closed my eyes and promised myself I would not open them until I reached California. When I did open my eyes I heard the captain making announcements. I smiled despite myself and waited to get off the plane to see California.

The author's comments:
A piece I wrote about my brother's first time going on a plane alone.

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