The Northern lights a.k.a Aurora Borealis

June 28, 2012
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Once upon a time, there was a 19-year-old girl, who everyone loved. They loved her because of her power of love that controlled all the mortals. She lived in Alaska, were there were two boys that were in love with her more than her powers could control. The girl’s name was Adrona; the names of the two boys are Zek and Albert.

Adrona is the goddess of love, Zek, the god of green fire, and Albert, a mortal. To Adrona, Albert was much more than a mortal. He was a handsome young man with one flaw, no powers. To Albert, Adrona was the loveliest goddess that he had ever met or laid eyes on, except she lived in a whole other world, and that world was The Cloud. Adrona believed Zek was the most handsome young god of fire that she had ever set her eyes on. Zek thought Adrona was the loveliest goddess that he ever met in the cloud.
Every day the beautiful young goddess had to wear the same old purple robe with gold sleeves and a gold neck line with pearl white beads and the most beautiful parka with gold stripes that you have ever seen. Adrona also had to warm up her powers every morning. So she would cast a spell over the mortals, which made most of the mortals fall in love with the first person they saw. However, there was one mortal the spell had no effect on and that was Albert. And the fact of her spell not working on Albert made Zek mad, for he loved Adrona more than Albert. In Zek’s mad state, he used his powers to turn the night sky green for 2-3 straight nights. After the Alaskan night sky stopped turning red, Adrona decided to go on a date with Zek and then Albert.
Adrona said to Zek, “I love you so much I hope we can spend our lives together.” Zek asked Adrona, “Will you marry me? I have all ways loved you.”
Then Adrona said, “Yes, with all my hart, you are the one for me.” Now after her date with Zek, it was time for Albert. Adrona didn’t won’t to go to the mortal world for she disliked the food. Albert came right out and asked Adrona, “Will you marry me?”
Adrona shouted, “NOT IN A MILLON YEARS NEVER!!!” Then she added, “For I am already engaged to Zek. He is my one and only true love. You are a mortal and my mother and father King and Queen of the gods and goddess say never to marry a mortal for all they will bring is pain and suffering.”

After her two dates, she decided to marry Zek in 22 years. 22 years had passed before Adrona married Zek; they invited their families and surprisingly Albert too. Then Adrona and Zek had their wedding high in The Cloud, also were Adrona’s parents got married. That day was the loveliest day in Adrona and Zek’s life, after their wedding the two of them lit the night skies of Alaska with their powers. Adrona’s powers turned the night sky a lovely blue and pink color and Zek’s powers turned the night sky green. When the two of them put their powers together to celebrate their 22nd anniversary of the day they meet, they form the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights and every 22 years Adrona and Zek have the power to make lots of different and extraordinary patterns and designs in the Alaskan skies. Zek’s love for Adrona is so powerful that he blew in the different colors of the Aurora Borealis and the happy couple danced with the lights that they created with their love and powers.


The Northern lights are really gases colliding in the Alaskan winter night sky. This phenomenon is know by some Alaskans as “the Dance of the Spirits. ” The phenomenon happens in a 22 year cycle, 11 positive years and 11 negative years. The best time to watch the famous lights are from December-March in Alaska, when nights are longer and darker. Some people say that the lights are like ribbons dancing across the night sky. You will NOT see the lights in the summer time. The Aurora Borealis was named after the Roman goddess of dawn Aurora and the Greek name for north winds Boreas.

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Scarletroseann said...
Feb. 3, 2015 at 3:53 pm
Thank you all for the impute.This story I wrote when I was in Seventh grade and has not been updated since then. Thank you all once more.
Tanian20 said...
Jun. 10, 2014 at 1:09 am
I like this :) 
MaxTheNinjaOfAwesomeness said...
Jul. 3, 2012 at 12:07 am
This is a good story but I did however find at least one spelling error and the grammar of it all is a little simple and I think you could have added a little more detail into your sentences.  It has potential to be a great story you just need to work on a few things.
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