The Inevitable

June 27, 2012
By Gjilsime BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
Gjilsime BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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As she walked along countless Avenues, she thought back to her memories of him, the man who had once walked along the same path alongside her. Thinking back to their journey they took, hand in hand, she could only remember the softness in his voice and the feel of his skin. As the hair along her arms began to rise, she took a moment to smell the air that seemed to be lingering with his smell. As the sun's rays grew stronger and warmer, she began to lose any strength she had left in her. With her eyes shut and the smell only becoming stronger, she feared that this would be the last of her yearning. As she opened her light green eyes, she found herself laying in middle of an intersection with a voice hovering over her weak and helpless body. She shut her eyes and opened them once more to focus them more clearly on who the voice had belonged to, finding that the eyes she once remembered now showed darkness and fear. "I want to walk in your path" he repeatedly whispered into her ear. "I'm right here," she cried only with the most hatred for him.

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