Bearing What the World Throws at Me

June 24, 2012
By mandag_9618 BRONZE, Lisbon, New Hampshire
mandag_9618 BRONZE, Lisbon, New Hampshire
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Everything happens for a reason

Growing up, you laugh at those who say take your time, it only gets harder... they weren't lying. Being a kid wasn't much easier. Between moving to a school at a young age and being put down by society, and home life on top of that you learn morals and what to live by fast. People say at a young age, children shouldn't hate the world, think bad thoughts, and take the easy way out. Honestly it's not as easy as it sounds, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This was easily proved by moving to what was thought to be a good place to raise kids.

In second grade my family and I moved to Colebrook, our biggest mistake. Third grade came quick and it went downhill fast. Relying on a few people that I couldn't consider friends, I was picked on by the majority of the kids along with my own teacher. That year I cried multiple times in school, but for some reasons I feared the thought of telling my parents everything that happened although they had an idea. Fifth grade was a repeat of 3rd, except for one teacher that I could go to with anything. She understood exactly what I had gone through along with what was expected to come. Around 6th grade was when my parents found out a lot of thing and that was when everything was supposed to clear up.

In 6th grade I was threatened by a girl in my class, everyone was brought into that including the police and school board. The bullying didn't stop, in fact that day at recess a couple of girls confronted me and right then and there I figured it wasn't worth telling people what went on. The only good that came out of 6th grade was the new kid, my new best friend, and that girl we started playing with at recess. In 8th grade Emily moved which means high school was going to be a long four years since the girl on the playground was a year younger than me...

Throughout middle school my dad pretty much lived at the school between going to the school board and the principal complaining about how not just me but my two brothers were treated. 9th grade seemed too good to be true. Yeah, there was drama but that was still enough for my mom to put the house up for sale. There was absolutely nothing coming out of it. Rumors flooded the town and that's when she said it, whether the house gets sold or foreclosed, we are out on October 1st. That meant I only had to put up with only one more month of school in this town.

Who knew 3 weeks could change a person so much? I was pulled out a week early and left school crying the last five days I was there. Those 3 weeks killed all that I had, my hope, faith, dignity, and most of all who I truly was. The thoughts that ran through my head the week before moving were all negative no matter how positive I tried to think. I would lose the friends that I had left along with thinking that with my luck the new school would be just as bad. I fought the positive thoughts that my friends brought onto me without even noticing. Luckily the new school turned out to be so much better, considering it could be ten times worse.

Looking back it gets to me with questions running though my head. “Why did they hate me so much?” “What did I do wrong?” “What could I have done for them to like me?” In all reality it has made me the person I am today. No matter how close I was I never gave up, and still haven’t. All of it taught me to be who I am and never change for the likes of someone else. I tried to be fake, tried to fit in, tried to live up to the expectations of others, it wasn't worth it. Things happen for a reason, just remember what goes around comes around.

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It is a simple Narrative Essay that was inspired by experience.

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