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June 17, 2012
By marisafreeman BRONZE, Dracut, Massachusetts
marisafreeman BRONZE, Dracut, Massachusetts
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“I am young, but I am strong. I have never wanted to tell anyone anything so much. I have to tell you that my heart’s beating out of my chest and it’s tearing me open,” she said with a force.

“I’m not sure I see where you’re going with this Eden…”

Eden frowns, staring at her best friend. Her hopefully lover. There’s nothing she could want more at this very moment, and the painful sting of rejection, without there ever being a question, is killing her joy.

“Don’t you see that this is all that matters? Don’t you see that I care about you in a way that I’ve never cared for anyone else?”

“But haven’t you said that for everyone else you’ve ever seen? Haven’t you tried to snag other people into your web that way? I’ve seen it before Eden. I’m not going to be one of your victims.”

Eden snarls now, a nasty expression that twists her face. It turns her into a different creature. So she switches tactics, if sweet talking wouldn’t work, then fear tactics might.

“You want me to tell?”

“Tell what?” The voice is hoarse and raspy.

“Don’t lie to yourself. You know just what,” Eden’s voice is smooth and it seems to corner her friend. It’s as if the voice itself climbed out of her body and pressed them up against a wall.

Sensual almost. If that’s possible for a voice. There’s a change in her friend. She laughs, nervously. Her eyes shift down.

“You wouldn’t tell anyone I’m gay. No…you wouldn’t.”

“You’re voice is shaky…You aren’t sure are you? You probably shouldn’t be. You know me…I’m temperamental.”

Eden laughs and grabs her friend by the waist and kisses her hard. Then she pushes her away.

“See you later, love.”

Two days later and theyre still not talking to eachother. Eden’s moved on and the friend feels dead inside. Wishing she had never told anyone her secrets. It cost her more than she thought. But, she shows up at Eden’s house. Rings the doorbell.


The door opens.

“Oh…its you.”

Eden’s voice is accusing and hurtful. Yet, then she changes her tactic. She decides to smile and play coy.

“You wanted to see me? I suppose you must have or I can’t imagine why you’d be here…”

“I just…I came to say hello. To bring things back to normal?”


“No? What do you mean no?”

“I mean no. It will not go back to normal it will be right where it was when I left it. You’ll be there for me whenever I need you. No questions asked. Nothing will ever be the same. You’re mine just like I want you to be. You’re like a fly caught in a spider’s web, you won’t ever get out. I’ll eat you alive. You just have to accept it, sit there and wait for me to be done with you. No protest will save you. Maybe if you’re lucky a kind stranger will knock you out of here, but I doubt it. You’re just a fly after all.”

She stares dumbly. Wondering what to do and not knowing how to react. She’s stuck. Maybe forever.

The author's comments:
I hope people understand from this piece that relationships are not to be manipulated, and should remain matters of trust, and that if you are in an abusive relationship than get out of the situation.

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