The 3rd World War

June 17, 2012
By T-Camacho SILVER, New York, New York
T-Camacho SILVER, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"When the Rich Wage War, Its the Poor who Die"
"Untied we Stand, Alone we Fall"
"You will find that the obsticles you face dont have as much strength as you do"
"Join or Die"

It is the year 2015 and The World Powers of The U.S.A, Russia, North Korea, and China are at war. The 3rd world war has begun. The countries of Russia and The U.S.A are trying to stop the spread of North Korea and China, which are trying to unite the world under Their Power. A Society full of a Government Controlled World. The People have no say, no power. The Government Controls everything, from the way people live to how to fight a War.

The Countries of Russia and The U.S.A want to push Democracy around the World. They believe that the world would be better if “We The People” control who the World lives. A world where we control the government not the other way around. With Democracy and Socialism Clashing on the battle felid, Nobody is Safe.
The Battle felids are as Followed:

1) Europe

2) Asia

3) South America

4) The Pacific Ocean

5) The Atlantic Ocean.
The Armies go as Followed:

1) The U.S.A (Naval, Marines, Air Force, The Army)

2) Russia (Naval, Air Force, The Army)

3) China (Air Force, The Army)

4) North Korea (Naval, Air Force, The Army)
The Super Weapons go as Followed:

1) The U.S.A and Russia (EMP, Nuclear Weapons, Atomic Weapons)

2) China and North Korea (Nuclear Weapons, Inferno Weapons)
The U.S.A and Russia call Themselves The Peace Army.
China and North Korea call Themselves The Death Army.

The Peace Army moved all their troops into Europe, Africa, South America, The Pacific Islands, and troops were also moved to the start of Asia. The Death Army moved their troops to protect China, North Korea and Japan and to Protect Asia. I will take you into the War, into the thoughts of the Leader, The Soldiers and into the Heart of The Battle felids.

The Day is January 15, 2015. The Peace Army watches as The Death Army prepares to defend China to the Death. General Thomas Miller of the U.S.A Troops gives the orders to the Russians to open fire with Artillery and Tanks on the Chinese Defenses Barriers. Over 3,000 shots were fired in 2 Minutes. The Chinese Defense Barriers were destroyed. General Miller orders The Black Wings of The U.S.A Air Force to drop 2 EMP bombs on the Chinese Forward Operations base and on their Communications Center. Both Russian and U.S Troops charge the base under the cover of Tank and Artillery fire. Within less than 1 Hour the Peace Army has taken its first enemy base of the war.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minster Roznof met in Paris to discuss the use of Nuclear Missiles on The Great Wall of China and The Power Plants that are behind the wall.
“The Great Wall has been a symbol of hope for the Chinese for years” said Roznof
“This symbol must be destroyed if we are ever to win this War” said Obama
The discussion was made on February 1, 2015 to destroy The Great Wall and the Chinese Power Plants.

On the morning of February 5, 2015, 3 Nuclear Missiles were launched from the military base in Moscow, Russia. 3 hours later reports from the front lines show that the wall and the power plants were destroyed. Soon after 300 Russian and American Air Craft’s made a flyover over the Chinese cities and left them in ruins. With the Chinese Army and People devastated, The 3rd World War is ending as fast as it started. General Miller has ordered all troops to charge into the cities killing any survivors.

In the Pacific Ocean U.S. Naval and Air Force attack the sea sides of Japan and North Korea. Many efforts have been made by North Korea to destroy the ships, but all have failed. Every day The Peace Army moves closer and closer to Victory of The Death Army and the ended of this war. On April 1, 2015, 200 thousand Peace Army Troops invaded the Chinese Capital. The Chinese Leader Chen Son Hong was executed on Global T.V by General Thomas Miller.

Now Africa, North/South America, Europe, and almost all of Asia are controlled by The Peace Army. Naval, Air Force and Troops wait outside the border of North Korea for the order to invade by Air, Sea and Land. President Obama and Prime Minster Roznof meet in Moscow to discuss weather Nuclear missiles should be fired to scare The Korean Leader Kim Jong- Un. On June 27, 2015, 4 Nuclear missiles were launched from Moscow and hit 4 Major Korean Cites and wiped them off the Map.

Kim Jong- Un announced the next day on Global T.V that The Death Army will never surrender. The order was then given to invade North Korea. It took 10 hours to reach the capital city. Again General Miller executed another Death Army leader on Global T.V. The Peace Army has won the Fasts War in the History of Humanity. As the troops came home, Celebration broke out All Over The World. People were chanting:
“The Peace Army Won, We Are Free”
! We all thought the war was Over, but we were Wrong!

On July 4, 2015, The White House got a call from Paris and Moscow saying the Death Army was in the city and burning it to the ground. All troops were sent back into action to retake the cites. World War 3 was not over yet. 5 Million U.S troops were sent to Free the cites. The first target was Paris since it was the closes.

In a future version of D-Day U.S Troops take to the beaches of France and charge towards Paris. Paris “The City of Love” is in a world of trouble. On September 10, 2015 U.S Troops and Tanks entered the city to find it destroyed. Buildings and cars still burning. Even the Eiffel Tower was Destroyed. Neither Army nor man in The history of the world would ever destroy the Tower. Nothing was left and no one was alive. The Troops left Paris and headed towards Moscow to see if the same happen there.

On September 30, 2015. U.S Troops entered Moscow to find the same results as in Paris. The Cities were gone. When world reached The White House that both Paris and Moscow were destroyed, President Obama gave General Miller orders to activate The Marshall Plan. This plan gave troops control of populated areas and to protect the areas. It also allowed for Nuclear Bombs to be placed in the middle of each town or city in case of invasion to be activated.

Now the only leader of The Peace Army, President Obama, meets with his top military advisors to discuss a plan of action against the Death Army. Meanwhile, in Moscow, U.S Troops look throw the ruins for evidence of the Armies movements. All of a sudden an Mushroom cloud appears is seen at the Nuclear power plant in the next city. We the troops get there they find remains of a fire fight under the ashes.
Is anyone safe in this War?
“It looks like The Death Army is going to Extremes to Destroy Democracy” says one reporter on the scene.

A discussion is made on October 4, 2015 to continue the hunt for the Death Army using any means necessary. Obama has a deadline for this war. A Emergency Plan is in place that states that if the War is not over before December 31, 2015, then President Obama has all the right to end the war by activating the Nuclear bomb in the core and destroying the Planet.

It’s October 31, 2015 and there has been no sign of The Death Army. On the evening News that night, Reports state that Area 51 was destroyed early in the day. Area 51 is a secret Government facility in Nevada not far from Las Vegas. No one knows about the place except for Government officials and only on nation knows about the place and that is Russia. Now people believe that Russia has Joined The Death Army.

On November 10, 2015 Obama gets a call from Russia. It is shockingly Prime Minster Roznof. He has been hiding from the Death Army ever since the attacks. He tells Obama that The Death Army is based in South America. Obama calls for a Full invasion of South America to find The Death Army A.S.A.P. The invasion begins on November 20, 2015. 3 Million U.S. Troops invade South America and start to capture land. Within 2 weeks South America was Captured and there was no sign of The Death Army.

The U.S Troops head home. The War is thought to be over and won by The Peace Army. The world is once again in Peace. The Troops are home, The super weapons are deactivated. On December 25, 2015, President Obama speaks to the World and announces that The Death Army is Gone, The World Republic has been Born. For the First time in Human History The World is United under on Leader

One December 31, 2015, The plan is aborted. As the World prepares for 2016, The Covert Death Army invades the Nuclear facility where the Core bomb is being held. One Man Speaks for The Death Army To the World. This Man is General Thomas Miller.
He says “If We Can’t Have The World No One Can.”
At 11:59 on December 31, 2015 Miller activates the Bomb and destroys the Planet.
The 3rd World War has Ended not only a Era, but A World.

The author's comments:
This Story can be true, but only if we allow this to happen. If we don't change now then this future is closer then you think. World Peace is Not Able to be True unless we give up fighting as a World not As different Nations. We all Are United by This Planet

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