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June 10, 2012
By helptheworld101 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
helptheworld101 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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A cool breeze drifted through the air as my sandals touched the pavement. My skirt was bright and my eyes just as beautiful. I am not the one to brag, but today was perfect, not a single thing had gone wrong. My friends and I were laughing as we gossiped about the news at school. Elizabeth was always the center topic, because she was the ugliest and most annoying girl at school. Her split ends were outrageous and she never ever wore makeup. I just snickered as they spoke and had to say my goodbyes because my house was coming up. I smiled with sheer joy because I had gotten an A on my pop quiz, won the soccer game of the season and had sung my heart out at the Talent Show during the school day. The sun was shining, the flowers were dancing and my heart was content. I arrived at my house within minutes and took off my sunglasses. I rummaged through my pockets for my keys but could not seem to find them. I ran to the back of the house and grabbed the spare key from under the doormat. When I got to the front of the house, all of my stuff was gone. I looked around with wary eyes, trying to see if anyone was trying to trick me. I raced back to the front porch and my stuff was there, once more. I decided that my eyes must have been playing tricks on me, so I opened the door and locked it shut, behind me. I pranced to the refrigerator and found a small sticky note on it, “Hey Sweetie, I will be back late tonight, I’m covering for someone else’s shift, Love, Mom”. I sighed and grabbed the note. I carefully put it on my bulletin board, along with all of the other notes that mom had put out for me and reasons why she wouldn’t be home on time. I sat on the couch and took a popsicle to accompany me. I turned on the television and it automatically turned to a channel that I had never seen before. I was intrigued and couldn’t help myself from watching. There were six people sitting in a room, each with a blank stare on their face. Not one of them spoke a word and all that could be heard was the dim drone of the fan that was turning on the ceiling. I was about to turn off the television because the show was getting boring, but of course I couldn’t find the remote. All of a sudden, one of the characters jumped out at me and started speaking to me in a fast and frantic tone. I just stood there, absolutely dumbfounded, with no words to say. She shook my shoulders and grabbed my hand and before I knew it, we were taking flight. I was in the air above the clouds, away from home with no food, no water and absolutely no idea where I was headed. I screamed and asked her to take my back home, but she acted like she couldn’t hear me. She brought me to a small house that was run down with a tiny mailbox. She opened the door and inside I saw Elizabeth. Everybody laughed at her as she clung to her books and raced through the halls and she had the most miserable social life in the entire world. She was crying as her mother sat there yelling at her. Her mother started throwing things and yelling even louder. Eventually Elizabeth was thrown out of the house with her book. It started raining and she just sat there, staring off into the distance. I felt so helpless. I reached out my hand, but she couldn’t see me. Before I could do anything else, I was thrust, face first back into my house, and back onto the couch where the television program had first started. I turned on the TV and “Modern Family” was on. I went through the channels over and over but could not seem to find the one that I had just been watching. I silently wondered to myself if Elizabeth was really in that condition. I decided to find out for myself and head outdoors. The sunshine had switched to storm clouds and it was raining. I almost screamed. This perfect day and had turned out so awful. My lethargy was setting in and so was my gluttony. I wanted to eat and sleep, but I figured that if this was the true Elizabeth, it would be worth investigating. I grabbed my bike and rode down 6 streets until I reached the small dilapidated house that I had seem moments ago. She was sitting on the porch in the rain, crying. It was real. The whole thing was real. I touched her hand and I apologized, I apologized like I had never done before. She looked at me in disbelief and continued crying. I held her and told her it would be alright. As I said these words, the sun started to appear and a rainbow glowed over the horizon. Elizabeth’s voice started to fade and so did mine. I jumped and I found myself in my bed with the covers all the way up to shoulders. My mother came in and started yelling at me, like every single morning. “Elizabeth, come downstairs now!” It was nice to be able to dream…

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