Hurful Words

June 8, 2012
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A gorgeous place in Florida, called Orlando is the place where I spent most of my time. Though I didn't live there, I wish I had. Gorgeous beaches, warm sunny days, and beautiful palm trees. It was a beautiful place to spend my time. I spent morning until night on the beach some days. I wanted to spend my whole life there, but all the houses there were far too expensive! I was out of work and my fiance, Brandon had a small job that wasn't really enough to get us into a beach house along beach. So right now... We're stuck in a big city in an apartment. We used to have big dreams about where we were going to live but now, we're just happy that we have a roof over our heads. We've been together for over 3 years. Brandon was always yelling at me and accusing me of always doing something wrong. No matter how big or small the situation is. I never really understood why and one day.... We got into a HUGE argument!

“Brandon, who is this Lexi girl?”

“Just a friend,” he claimed.

“Yeah, well she doesn't seem like just a friend. You talk to her more than you talk to me and you live with me. Why is that baby? I don't like that,” I said with tearing starting to flow down my cheeks.

“Baby, I promise you. She's a friend. I don't like her like that. I love you. Not her.”

“Then why does it feel like there's something between you?”

“Rachael. Just be quiet!! God.. There's NOTHING between me and her!!!”

The only way I knew how to react to that was grabbing my car keys and walking out the door and going for a drive. Why? I don't know, it made me feel better when I just walked away from it all, because I didn't ever want to believe that a fight just happened between me and the love of my life. As I grabbed my keys, I heard Brandon mumble to himself, “she messes everything up.” That's when I decided for sure that I was going for a drive. I started crying at that point too. It was painful hearing what he said from the one person that I care for most. Why would he say such a thing, I thought to myself.

It was then that I was freaking out. So many thoughts running through my head. I had my phone sitting on my lap, then it slid off my leg onto the passenger side floor mat. Driving down the freeway, I tried to grab my phone from the floor but then it slid back, underneath the seat... I wasn't paying attention like I should have been. I was focused on my phone to see if I had a sorry text from Brandon or a “come home” message.. At that point, I lost control of my wheel, spun out and slammed into a bigger truck. The air back blow out and I was in a ton of pain, hoping that someone would call for help. I was only able to move enough to be able to see that the man in the other car. The man looked dead. Thank god, just then I heard sirens. They were coming to help. I felt so injured that I felt every time they moved or touched me. I knew that I was going to hospital. I could barely move!! I was shaking, I could feel the pain going through my body as I was shaking. Then I started hearing the paramedics talk.

“Ma'am, just stay calm. We're taking you up to the hospital right now,” the lovely woman EMT had told me.

“O- Okay,” I stuttered.

Just after the EMT woman said to stay calm, we arrived at the hospital. I felt the wheel me down the hall, I was watching the rooms pass by me. So many injured or dying people. As I got into my room, there he was... Brandon was standing right there waiting for me because they had called him so he was waiting there at the hospital for me.. He did love me. He was going to be there for me!

“Hey baby. How are you feeling?”

I stuttered and said “I'm alright.”

“I'm so sorry. I'm here for you now,” he said as he was holding my hand.

“I love you baby,” I said as tears ran down my face.

Out of nowhere, the nurse walked in and said that I was free to go if I had a ride home. I was surprised because it felt as though my injuries were going to kill me in my sleep. But they checked it and said that I was well enough to be sent home but be sent home with some painkillers. The nurse asked “Ma'am, do you have a ride home?”

“Yeah, I do. My boyfriend, Brandon right here.”

“Alright. Well the doctor has a prescription for you to go and order and pick up.”

“Okay. Thank you so much nurse”

“You're welcome Rachael..”

Brandon and I, sat in silence in the car ride home. You could tell that neither one of us wanted to say a word to each other. But just then, to my surprise Brandon started a conversation...

“Honey, I'm really sorry about earlier. I should have sat down calmly and talked to you about Lexi. But she really is a friend. I love YOU and ONLY you. With all my heart. I want you to know that Rachael. You're my one and only.”

“I'm sorry too. I know I was at fault too for overreacting and walking out. I should have stayed and talked about it. But the only thing I did is made it worse.”

“Yeah, that was a bit uncalled for, but all that matters is that you're alive and made it through that accident.”

“You're right. We can't dwell on our fights. I could have died in that crash but thankfully I didn't because then I wouldn't be able to live my life with an amazing man.”

“I love you baby,” he said with tear filled eyes as we pulled up. “Home again.”

You know how they say reality can't be a fairy tales? Well... I can honestly say that my life is a miracle fairy tale. Although, my life isn't like the book fairy tales. The books don't have flaws like reality does but I still live a fairy tale with Brandon.

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